Jurassic World: Evolution - Secrets of Dr Wu Achievements

Frontier Developments
Universal Studios

There are 5 achievements with a total of 145 points.

Wounding Tooth Wounding Tooth 0 Photograph a Troodon as it poisons its victim. 15
Shoot her...? Shoot her...? 0 Subdue Dr. Wu's rampaging Spinoraptor. 20
We're just used to being the cat We're just used to being the cat 0 Using Comfort Genes, create a dinosaur that is impossible to keep calm. 20
It can camouflage! It can camouflage! 0 Release an Indominus Rex with the Adaptive Camouflage Gene. 20
The Next Step The Next Step 0 Complete all of Dr. Wu's missions 70

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