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Bendy and the Ink Machine Achievements

Find all the Bendy and the Ink Machine achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 25 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Picking Up The Pieces Picking Up The Pieces 0 Collect all the ritual items. 15
Hello Bendy Hello Bendy 0 Discover the Monster. 15
The Believer The Believer 0 Survive being chased by Bendy. 25
My Favorite Song My Favorite Song 0 Solve the music puzzle. 20
Johnny's Broken Heart Johnny's Broken Heart 0 Play the pipe organ 5 times. 5
Strike Up The Band Strike Up The Band 0 Get all the Bendys on stage. 30
The Path of the Demon The Path of the Demon 0 Choose the way of Bendy. 80
The Path of the Angel The Path of the Angel 0 Choose the way of Alice. 80
Blazing Metal Blazing Metal 0 Unleash the Tommy Gun. 35
Inner Child Inner Child 0 Play with 25 Bendy dolls. 20
Long Forgotten Self Long Forgotten Self 0 Listen to Henry's audio log. 15
Around and Around Around and Around 0 Defeat Bertrum. 25
Reunited Reunited 0 Found Boris. 15
A Little Souvenir A Little Souvenir 0 Take a photo at the photo cutout. 10
Unlikely Victory Unlikely Victory 0 Complete Chapter 4 with the plunger. 30
Bullseye Bullseye 0 Get a perfect score on the Bull's Eye Bonanaza. 30
Standing Proud Standing Proud 0 Find out where you belong. 10
Pipes and Problems Pipes and Problems 0 Find a new way through. 30
Shadows and Suffering Shadows and Suffering 0 Discover what's living below. 30
Valued Employee Valued Employee 0 Take a longer walk. 30
Aggression Aggression 0 Bathe in violence. 70
The Voice Collector The Voice Collector 0 Listen to all audio logs in the game. 100
To Hell and Back To Hell and Back 0 Complete the Main Story. 80
Master of Bacon Master of Bacon 0 Collect all of the bacon soup in the game. 100
Gold Record Gold Record 0 Find all of the hidden radios in the game. 100