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Big Bash Boom Achievements

Find all the Big Bash Boom achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 30 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Catch of the Day Catch of the Day 0 You took a total of 5 catches. 15
Fish Out of Water Fish Out of Water 0 You dove into the crease 5 times within a match. 15
Getting the Spin of Things Getting the Spin of Things 0 You won a single-player match. 15
The Duke The Duke 0 You won 5 single-player matches in the 'Casual' game mode. 15
Zinger Stacker Zinger Stacker 0 You took a wicket with the first ball of a match 3 times. 15
The Mightiest of Ducks The Mightiest of Ducks 0 You dismissed a batter for a duck four times. 15
Reach for the Sky Reach for the Sky 0 You scored a total of 12 runs with the 'Ruthless Runs' powerup. 15
Nothing But 6s Nothing But 6s 0 You hit only sixes throughout the entire duration of the 'Beaming Boundaries' powerup. 15
In the House of Odin In the House of Odin 0 You used a powerup 10 times. 15
Sunglasses At Night Sunglasses At Night 0 You used the 'Ra's Revenge' powerup to get the fielding team to drop a catch. 15
'Straya 'Straya 0 You played one match in every stadium. 15
Knight in Shining Armour Knight in Shining Armour 0 You scored 10 runs while only using the defensive shot. 15
Cloudy with a Chance of Wickets Cloudy with a Chance of Wickets 0 You hit 10 6s. 15
Gotta Catch 'em All Gotta Catch 'em All 0 You successfully make a catch while using the 'Ravaging Roar' powerup. 15
And You're Out! And You're Out! 0 You used the 'Swift Striker' powerup to get a single wicket within three deliveries. 15
Feel the Heat Feel the Heat 0 You didn't allow any runs during the entire duration of the 'Blaze Bringer' powerup. 15
Guard the Perimeter! Guard the Perimeter! 0 You successfully completed 10 catches. 15
Run! It's a Stampede Run! It's a Stampede 0 You scored 100 runs in a T20 match. 25
Ain't no rest for the wicket Ain't no rest for the wicket 0 You bowled the entire batting team out in 10 overs or less in a T20. 30
Top That! Top That! 0 You scored 275 runs or more in an innings of a T20. 30
Yer a Wizard! Yer a Wizard! 0 You used a powerup 50 times. 30
HAIL MARY! HAIL MARY! 0 You hit a 6 to win in the final over. 30
The Fashion Squad The Fashion Squad 0 You customised the playing 11 uniquely with unlocked or purchased cosmetic items. 30
Winning Solves Everything Winning Solves Everything 0 You won one Season as any Big Bash club from either the WBBL or BBL. 30
A-head of the game A-head of the game 0 You used the same club to win one Season in BBL and another in WBBL. 90
The Prince of Bails The Prince of Bails 0 You scored 500 runs with a single player in a Season. 90
The Original Jaffa The Original Jaffa 0 You took 30 wickets with a single player in a Season. 90
Become the Bat Become the Bat 0 You scored 10,000 runs. 90
Swish and Flick Swish and Flick 0 You took 1,500 wickets. 90
Pieces of Eight Pieces of Eight 0 You earned 1,000,000 coins. 90