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Prey: Typhon Hunter Achievements

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There are 10 achievements with a total of 285 points.

The Hunter The Hunter 0 Win 50 matches as Morgan. 15
The Hunted The Hunted 0 Survive 50 matches as a mimic. 15
Caffeine Free Caffeine Free 0 Survive an entire match without mimicking anything. 15
Yu Can't Find Me Yu Can't Find Me 0 Mimic 50 unique objects. 30
The Fixer The Fixer 0 Win a match as Morgan using only the wrench. 15
Ready or Not (Here I Come) Ready or Not (Here I Come) 0 Kill a mimic within 15 seconds of match start. 90
Careful What Yu Pick Up Careful What Yu Pick Up 0 Successfully kill Morgan while mimicked as a weapon. 30
Not a Mimic Not a Mimic 0 Pick up 50 unique objects that aren't mimics. 15
Overexposed Overexposed 0 Kill 3 mimics within 20 seconds after picking up a Psychoscope Chipset. 30
Coup De Grace Coup De Grace 0 Win the round by knocking Morgan out with a mimic attack as time expires. 30