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Dead By Daylight - Darkness Among Us Achievements

Find all the Dead By Daylight - Darkness Among Us achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 6 achievements with a total of 120 points.

Heavy Burden Heavy Burden 0 In public matches, hit 25 different individual Survivors while carrying another Survivor. 20
Deranged Pursuit Deranged Pursuit 0 In public matches, with The Legion while in Killer Instinct, down 25 different Survivors. 40
Adept Legion Adept Legion 0 In a public match, achieve a merciless victory with The Legion using only their 3 unique perks. 20
Dismantle Dismantle 0 In public matches, break a total of 50 individual Hooks. 10
Unforgettable Getaway Unforgettable Getaway 0 In a public match, repair the generator in the Chalet and live to tell the tale. 10
Adept Jeff Adept Jeff 0 In a public match, escape with Jeff using only his 3 unique perks. 20

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