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Aftercharge Achievements

Find all the Aftercharge achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 19 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Bullet Rain Bullet Rain 0 Take down a workonic as Tinker while airborne 50
A Tomb for Two A Tomb for Two 0 Imprison two disabled workonics with three walls 50
Shower Time Shower Time 0 Hit three workonics with the same Air Strike 50
Tell Me Where They Are! Tell Me Where They Are! 0 Shoot a tracked disabled workonic and reveal his two allies 50
Easy Target Easy Target 0 Take down a workonic stuck in your trap 50
Bubbled! Bubbled! 0 Imprison two enforcers in your Protective Shield 50
A Clean Sweep A Clean Sweep 0 Destroy 8 devices with a single Pulse Barrage 50
The Revive Express The Revive Express 0 Revive two allies while your Speed Boost is active 50
Last Minute Save Last Minute Save 0 Use your Invincibility to save an ally from being shot down 50
Blindfest Blindfest 0 Blind two enforcers simultaneously 50
Demolition Derby Demolition Derby 0 Break 20 extractors 50
It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint 0 Win a round as workonics while your team is affected by Orbital Strikes 50
Play of the Game Play of the Game 0 Deliver the last hit on the last extractor while being the last remaining workonic 50
Thwarting the Revolution Thwarting the Revolution 0 Take down 50 workonics 50
You Reveal, I Shoot You Reveal, I Shoot 0 Take down a workonic tracked by an ally who's out of energy 50
An Educated Guess An Educated Guess 0 Take down a stealth workonic with your weapon 50
Internship Completed Internship Completed 0 Complete both tutorials 25
Winner Winner Robot Dinner Winner Winner Robot Dinner 0 Win 50 games 100
A True Aftercharge Agent A True Aftercharge Agent 0 Reach level 30 75