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At Sundown: Shots in the Dark Achievements

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There are 20 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Bright Future Bright Future 0 Play your first match 10
Gamechanger Gamechanger 0 Play a game type other than Deathmatch, Timed, or Timed Deathmatch 20
Gunshow Gunshow 0 Play a match where you use 5 different weapons 20
Challenger Challenger 0 Complete a Training Challenge 20
Challenge Master Challenge Master 0 Get Gold in all Training Challenges 100
All of the Lights All of the Lights 0 Unlock everything 100
Showstopper Showstopper 0 Kill someone on a killing spree 50
Major League Major League 0 Play a Ranked match 50
Tri-hard Tri-hard 0 Play 3 Ranked matches in a row 50
Zeus Zeus 0 Win 500 games 50
Minor League Minor League 0 Play an Unranked online match 50
Showstealer Showstealer 0 Kill someone on a killing spree and get a killing spree yourself 75
Starstruck Starstruck 0 Win 10 Ranked matches 75
Shooting Star Shooting Star 0 Win an Online match (Ranked or Unranked) 100
Spotlight King Spotlight King 0 Win 100 games 20
1000 Points of Light 1000 Points of Light 0 Get 1000 kills 20
Buddy Up Buddy Up 0 Play with a friend online 20
Professional Professional 0 Get 10 kills on all weapons, including unlockable ones 20
Triple Strike Triple Strike 0 Win a game with a triple kill at the end 50
Left in the Dark Left in the Dark 0 Win a game where no other players get a kill 100