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Genesis Alpha One Achievements

Find all the Genesis Alpha One achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 28 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Weapon Researcher Weapon Researcher 0 Research 3 weapons to tier II in one round. 15
Iron Refiner Iron Refiner 0 Refine 60 Iron in one round. 15
Hyperdrive Hyperdrive 0 Have Hyperdrive maxed. 15
Mechanics Mechanics 0 Kill 100 Mechanic intruders on the ship in one round. 15
No Guts no Glory No Guts no Glory 0 Collect 1000 Biomass in one round. 15
Lost in Space Lost in Space 0 Die in space. 15
Scorbut Scorbut 0 Have at least 10 crew members sick when initiating a genesis. 15
Gardener Gardener 0 Have a Greenhouse with tier III plants fully grown in all planters. 15
Finish Tutorial Finish Tutorial 0 Finish the tutorial level. 15
Intergalactic Treasures Intergalactic Treasures 0 Receive a pickup from a site. 15
First Contact First Contact 0 Clone your first non human lifeform. 15
Almost a Star Destroyer Almost a Star Destroyer 0 Build at least 100 modules onto your ship in one round. 15
Alien Ability Alien Ability 0 Use an alien ability. 15
DNA Researcher DNA Researcher 0 Research 3 clones to tier II in one round. 15
Master DNA Reseacher Master DNA Reseacher 0 Research 6 clones to tier III in one round. 30
Weaponmaster Researcher Weaponmaster Researcher 0 Research 6 weapons to tier III in one round. 30
Platinum Refiner Platinum Refiner 0 Refine 60 Platinum in one round. 30
Framen Framen 0 Kill 100 Framen intruders on the ship in one round. 30
Explorer Explorer 0 Perform 100 expeditions in one round. 30
Last Rites Last Rites 0 Heal a sick crew member in their crew cabin with the healing ability. 30
Harm Touch Harm Touch 0 Research at least 3 diseases. 30
Initiate Genesis Initiate Genesis 0 Initiate a Genesis 40
Star Team Star Team 0 Have one clone of each species when initiating a genesis. 90
Ash Ash 0 Initiate a genesis with at least 20 aliens/eggs on board. 90
Everyone Counts Everyone Counts 0 Complete a round where no crew member died on the journey. 90
Loyalty Loyalty 0 Unlock all corporations. 90
Star Civilisation Star Civilisation 0 Unlock all species. 90
Monolithic Monolithic 0 Unlock all artefacts. 90