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Dangerous Driving Achievements

Full list of Dangerous Driving achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Dangerous Driving has 40 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Seeing Red Seeing Red 0 Win a Road Rage 10
Unscathed Unscathed 0 Gold Medal a Road Rage without crashing 20
Welcome to Chase Headquarters Welcome to Chase Headquarters 0 Win a Pursuit 10
The Interceptor The Interceptor 0 Get a Gold Medal in Pursuit 30
Chariot Of Fire Chariot Of Fire 0 Win a Takedown Race 10
Another Cinderella Story... Another Cinderella Story... 0 Win a Takedown Race after being in last place on the last lap 30
Top Of The Leaderboard Top Of The Leaderboard 0 Win a GP 10
Dominator Dominator 0 Win every round of a GP 20
Showdown Showdown 0 Win a Face Off 10
Battering Ram Battering Ram 0 Take down your opponent 5 times in a single Face Off 30
I Will Survive I Will Survive 0 Gold Medal a Survival 10
Going The Distance Going The Distance 0 Drive 5 miles in a Survival 30
Heart Of Fire Heart Of Fire 0 Get a Shakedown Gold Medal 10
Perfect Paintwork Perfect Paintwork 0 Win a Shakedown without crashing 30
One down... One down... 0 Complete all Sedan Class events 20
Three To Go... Three To Go... 0 Complete all SUV Class events 20
Halfway There... Halfway There... 0 Complete all Coupe Class events 30
Unstoppable Unstoppable 0 Complete all Supercar Class events 40
Eye Of The Tiger Eye Of The Tiger 0 Complete all Hypercar Class events 50
No Wild Goose Chase No Wild Goose Chase 0 Gold medal all Pursuits 30
Victory Road Victory Road 0 Gold medal all Takedown Races 40
Thunder Road Thunder Road 0 Gold medal all Road Rages 30
Burning Down The House Burning Down The House 0 Gold medal all Shakedowns 30
Road Warrior Road Warrior 0 Gold medal all Face Offs 40
Outwit. Outdrive. Outlast Outwit. Outdrive. Outlast 0 Gold medal all Survivals 30
Battle of Sedan Battle of Sedan 0 Unlock Prototype Sedan 20
4x4xFar 4x4xFar 0 Unlock Prototype SUV 20
Little Deuce Little Deuce 0 Unlock Prototype Coupe 20
Concours Concours 0 Unlock Prototype Supercar 20
Rocky Mountain Road Rocky Mountain Road 0 Unlock Prototype Hypercar 20
Grands Prix Grands Prix 0 Unlock Prototype Formula DD 30
Delivery Mileage Delivery Mileage 0 Drive 100 miles in any car 20
Mille Miglia Mille Miglia 0 Drive 1000 miles in any car 40
Tyre Kicker Tyre Kicker 0 Drive 50 miles in every car 20
Delivery Miles Delivery Miles 0 Drive 100 miles in every car 50
Heatwave Heatwave 0 Get a 3x Heatwave 10
Mercury Rising Mercury Rising 0 Get a 10x Heatwave 30
Double The Fun Double The Fun 0 Get a double takedown 20
Hot Sauce Hot Sauce 0 Get a Takedown Hot Streak 30
Survival of the Fittest Survival of the Fittest 0 Empty a full Boost Bar in one go in Survival 30