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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Achievements

Full list of Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 54 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Full Complement Full Complement 0 Assign a crew member to all slots on a single ship. 25
Constellation Prize Constellation Prize 0 Complete the "Bekarna's Folly" quest. 15
Conduct Unbecoming Conduct Unbecoming 0 Complete the "Blow the Man Down" quest. 15
Decked Out Decked Out 0 Attach each type of upgrade on a single ship. 15
Ship's Carpenter Ship's Carpenter 0 Attach your first ship upgrade. 15
A Sailor's Life A Sailor's Life 0 Repair your ship and prepare to sail the seas. 15
Making Waves Making Waves 0 Complete the Huana faction questline. 25
Gold, Greed, and Guts Gold, Greed, and Guts 0 Complete the Príncipi faction questline. 25
Hostile Takeover Hostile Takeover 0 Complete the Royal Deadfire Company faction questline. 25
A Brighter World A Brighter World 0 Complete the Vailian Trading Company faction questline. 25
Explosives Expert Explosives Expert 0 Create five or more different bombs. 10
Alchemist Alchemist 0 Create five or more different potions. 10
Scribe Scribe 0 Create three or more different spell scrolls. 20
Enchanter Enchanter 0 Enchant five items. 20
A Fleet to Call My Own A Fleet to Call My Own 0 Acquire each type of ship in the game. 25
Sailor's Tales Sailor's Tales 0 Acquired first Captain rank. 15
Max Level Max Level 0 Reach level twenty with the player character. 50
Infamous Captain Infamous Captain 0 Survive an attack from a mutinous crew. 20
Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter 0 Finish 15 Bounties. 25
Molded to Perfection Molded to Perfection 0 Create an adventurer at an Adventurer's Hall. 10
Old Salt Old Salt 0 Acquired Master Captain rank. 15
Steadfast Ally Steadfast Ally 0 Maximize positive relationship with a Companion. 15
Burning Bridges Burning Bridges 0 Maximize negative relationship with a Companion. 15
Explorer Explorer 0 Name all of the Uncharted Islands. 25
Making your Mark Making your Mark 0 Name your first Uncharted Island. 15
New Gods of Deadfire New Gods of Deadfire 0 Complete "Nemnok the Devourer" quest. 15
Trapper Trapper 0 Place five traps. 10
Heart of the Deadfire Heart of the Deadfire 0 Reach Neketaka. 10
Gathering the Party Gathering the Party 0 Recruited all Companions. 15
Recruiter Recruiter 0 Recruited all Sidekicks. 15
Any Port in a Storm Any Port in a Storm 0 Sail to all major ports in the Deadfire. 15
Paradise of the Mind Paradise of the Mind 0 Complete the "A Paradise of the Mind" quest. 15
Soulbinder Soulbinder 0 Unlock all powers of a Soulbound item. 15
Following Certain Death Following Certain Death 0 Enter the Beyond. 10
Well that was Easy... Well that was Easy... 0 Defeat the Messenger. 10
The Watcher's Debut The Watcher's Debut 0 Earn the title of contender in the Crucible. 10
No Card Required No Card Required 0 Complete the Archives wing of the Halls Obscured. 10
A Day at the Zoo A Day at the Zoo 0 Complete the Collections wing of the Halls Obscured. 10
Cruelty to Animals Cruelty to Animals 0 Create a pet using the Critter Cleaver. 10

Secret Achievements

Establishing a Link Establishing a Link 0 Establish a link with Eothas to track his movements. 20
Explosive Confrontation Explosive Confrontation 0 Confront Eothas in Magran's Teeth. 20
The End of the Beginning The End of the Beginning 0 Confront Eothas in Ukaizo. 30
Dragonbane Dragonbane 0 Deal with two Dragon dilemmas. 75
Null and Void Null and Void 0 Escape the White Void. 25
This Time with Feeling This Time with Feeling 0 Defeat Neriscyrlas. 20
You are the Champion You are the Champion 0 Become crowned the Champion of the Hunt. 20
Archivist of Kazuwari Archivist of Kazuwari 0 Collect all of the Artifacts of the Crucible. 15
The Greatest Opponent The Greatest Opponent 0 Confront the porokoa. 20
Facing the Faces Facing the Faces 0 Become the chosen of the Seeker, Slayer, or Survivor. 15
One of Them One of Them 0 Obtain all of Weyc Heldr's items. 15
Perfect Vision Perfect Vision 0 Confront the Oracle of Wael in the Heart of Mystery. 20
An Incredible Smell An Incredible Smell 0 Discover the Secrets of Imp Spray. 15
Rescuer Down Under Rescuer Down Under 0 Open all of the cages in the Collections. 15
Opener of the Way Opener of the Way 0 Repair the flow of souls to the Beyond. 15