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Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark Achievements

Full list of Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark has 43 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Smoke and Mirrors Smoke and Mirrors 0 Defeat Morgaine 15
Champion Champion 0 Win the first Tournament 15
Grand Champion Grand Champion 0 Win the second Tournament 30
Sinking Feeling Sinking Feeling 0 Drown an enemy 10
Stand Down! Stand Down! 0 Defeat an enemy with falling damage 10
Double Agent Double Agent 0 Defeat an enemy with a Berserk, Charmed, or Mind-Controlled enemy 10
Animal Control Officer Animal Control Officer 0 Defeat a unit with its Elemental weakness 10
Crowd Control Crowd Control 0 Defeat at least 4 enemies with a single hit 10
Sharp Retort Sharp Retort 0 Defeat an enemy by using a Counter Ability or Thorns 10
Open Book Open Book 0 View all optional dialogue events 30
Wearer of Many Hats Wearer of Many Hats 0 Unlock all base Human Classes 30
Master of All Master of All 0 Master all base Human Classes 50
Master of Secrets Master of Secrets 0 Master all special badge Classes 30
Reassignment Reassignment 0 Change Class at least once 10
Master in Your Field Master in Your Field 0 Master any Class 15
Budding Crafter Budding Crafter 0 Craft your first item 10
Master Smith Master Smith 0 Craft a final-tier weapon 30
Veteran Investigator Veteran Investigator 0 Open 50% of treasure chests 30
Relentless Investigator Relentless Investigator 0 Open all treasure chests 50
Forbidden Lore Forbidden Lore 0 Use your first Class badge 15
Inventor Inventor 0 Obtain all gadgets 15
Master Arbiter Master Arbiter 0 Master all Human story character Classes 30
Riddle Me This Riddle Me This 0 Complete the Obelisk riddle 50

Secret Achievements

Marked for Glory Marked for Glory 0 Unlock the Marked Class 10
Demon Touched Demon Touched 0 Unlock the Demon Knight Class 10
Jack of All Trades Jack of All Trades 0 Unlock Spymaster Class 10
Devil Doc Devil Doc 0 Recruit Yates 10
Beetle Crusher Beetle Crusher 0 Recruit Bzaro 10
No More Smoke Bombs No More Smoke Bombs 0 Recruit Katja 10
The Exiled The Exiled 0 Recruit Kairu 30
My Hero My Hero 0 Save Somier a second time 15
Pilgrimage - First Relic Pilgrimage - First Relic 0 Visit the First Relic 15
Pilgrimage - Second Relic Pilgrimage - Second Relic 0 Visit the Second Relic 15
Pilgrimage - Third Relic Pilgrimage - Third Relic 0 Visit the Third Relic 15
Pilgrimage - Fourth Relic Pilgrimage - Fourth Relic 0 Visit the Fourth Relic 15
Pilgrimage - Fifth Relic Pilgrimage - Fifth Relic 0 Visit the Fifth Relic 15
Mysterious and Spooky Mysterious and Spooky 0 Complete the Halloween encounter 20
Laid to Rest Laid to Rest 0 Defeat Lady Anquine 25
Sealed Fate Sealed Fate 0 Get the first ending 40
Breaking the Seal Breaking the Seal 0 Get the second ending 90
In the Footsteps of the Ancients In the Footsteps of the Ancients 0 Complete the Ancient Path 50
Breaking the Curse Breaking the Curse 0 Cleanse the Cursed Shield 30
Final Metamorphosis Final Metamorphosis 0 Master all 19 base Monster Classes 50