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Blacksad: Under the Skin Achievements

Full list of Blacksad: Under the Skin achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Blacksad: Under the Skin has 39 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Hitting a brick wall Hitting a brick wall 0 Take your first beating (spoiler: it won't be the last!). 10
Heavily armed Heavily armed 0 Find your most valuable tool. 15
Wrong answer Wrong answer 0 Take your second beating. 15
Civil disobedience Civil disobedience 0 Take a ride with the city's most honest bookmarker. 15
One Mississippi One Mississippi 0 Take your third beating. 15
Extra time Extra time 0 Get hired twice for the same case. 15
Shadow play Shadow play 0 Take your fourth beating. 15
Bluffing Bluffing 0 Put your acting skills to the test. 15
Vertigo Vertigo 0 Take your fifth beating. 15
Strike one Strike one 0 Play baseball. 15
Shield Shield 0 Beat someone up for once. 15
Back to normal Back to normal 0 Take your sixth beating. 15
Congrats! Congrats! 0 Solve the case. 15
Immortal Immortal 0 Complete the game without dying a single time. 90
Nine lives Nine lives 0 Complete the game dying less than 9 times. 30
Smart aleck Smart aleck 0 Complete all deductions in the game. 90
Good samaritan Good samaritan 0 Buy your favorite goat a second burger. 15
Slap Shot Slap Shot 0 Complete the Hockey sheet of the Hall of Fame album. 30
Any Given Sunday Any Given Sunday 0 Complete the Football sheet of the Hall of Fame album. 30
Raging Cat Raging Cat 0 Complete the Boxing sheet of the Hall of Fame album. 30
The Natural The Natural 0 Complete the Baseball sheet of the Hall of Fame album. 30
Sports Illustrated Sports Illustrated 0 Complete the Hall of Fame album. 30
Billy Sorrows' Reading Club Billy Sorrows' Reading Club 0 Interact with as many books as you can. 30
Not a detective Not a detective 0 Find all false endings in the game. 30
The End(s) The End(s) 0 Watch all 6 alternate scenes at the end of the game. 90
The Reaper The Reaper 0 Contribute to as many deaths as possible. 30
The 400 Blows The 400 Blows 0 Take 400 nightstick blows. Maybe a few less. 30
America's *****cat America's *****cat 0 Charm Helen Moore into giving you a present. 15
Say no to bullying Say no to bullying 0 Stand up to Sam as many times as you can. 15
Zero tolerance Zero tolerance 0 Stand up to Quince as many times as you can. 15
Good cop Good cop 0 Play good cop convincingly. 15
Bad cop Bad cop 0 Play bad cop convincingly. 15
Niagara Falls Niagara Falls 0 Help the Colberts live a second honeymoon and receive their gratitude. 30
The sweetest story in the whole wide world The sweetest story in the whole wide world 0 Do not scare Brunhilda while telling her a story. 30

Secret Achievements

Case solved Case solved 0 Now for real. 30
The Quiet Lynx The Quiet Lynx 0 Why's that poster in Dunn's flat? 15
Refusal of the call Refusal of the call 0 Do not take the case. 15
When angels fall... When angels fall... 0 Complete Blacksad's silence conveniently. 15
Morley's Morley's 0 Buy a box of cigarettes from the nursing staff. 15