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Iris Fall Achievements

Full list of Iris Fall achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Iris Fall has 22 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Faded Theater Faded Theater 0 Complete Chapter 1 20
The Next Floor The Next Floor 0 Complete Chapter 2 20
Memories Memories 0 Complete Chapter 3 30
Hallway Breeze Hallway Breeze 0 Complete Chapter 4 30
Guiding Light Guiding Light 0 Complete Chapter 5 30
Book of Truth Book of Truth 0 Complete Chapter 6 80
Return to Reality Return to Reality 0 Complete Chapter 7 80
Iris.Fall Iris.Fall 0 Clear the game 80
Blurred Reality Blurred Reality 0 Pick up an item in the shadow world 20
Complete Circuit Complete Circuit 0 Complete the puzzle without making any circuit mistakes 80
Good Timing Good Timing 0 Did not reset the clock hands 30
Clumsy Clumsy 0 Knock over the bucket by the fireplace 20
Observer Observer 0 Cover the eyes in the right order without making any mistakes 80
Hey Kitty Hey Kitty 0 Chase after the resting cat 3 times in the Hall of Many Doors 30
Cube Master Cube Master 0 Rotate the cube just 3 times to complete the cube puzzle on the first floor 80
Ink Saver Ink Saver 0 Solve the typewriter puzzle in the Library on the first try 80
Quite Easily Done Quite Easily Done 0 Solve the huge book projection puzzle in the Library without removing any items from the wheel 80
Book Lover Book Lover 0 Flip the pages more than 10 times in the Book World 30
Lingering Tune Lingering Tune 0 Place the music note more than once in the Book World 30
Discovery Discovery 0 Find the hidden drawings behind the screen 20
Do Not Pass Do Not Pass 0 Be blocked by different puppets in the shadow world 30
True Self True Self 0 Observe the girl’s front projection at the wheel 20