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Riverbond Achievements

Find all the Riverbond achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 57 achievements with a total of 1100 points.

AAARR! AAARR! 0 Wreck Captain Barbacus 25
Not So Cute Anymore Not So Cute Anymore 0 Wipe Out Rabbitus Maximus 25
Oh, Romeo! Oh, Romeo! 0 Shatter Romeo Ur-Ribitt 30
Beast Mode Beast Mode 0 Slay Pumpiron Pengo 30
What a Catch! What a Catch! 0 Defeat Puffy the Lurker 40
The Knowledge The Knowledge 0 Exterminate Column XVII 40
Don’t Get Crabby Don’t Get Crabby 0 Waste Koke the Crab 50
Justice Served Justice Served 0 Destroy The Knight 50
Boss of All Bosses Boss of All Bosses 0 Defeat All Bosses 80
Riverborn Riverborn 0 Complete the tutorial 15
First Step First Step 0 Begin the first adventure 10
Wind At Our Backs Wind At Our Backs 0 Begin the second adventure 10
Keep On Trucking Keep On Trucking 0 Begin the third adventure 10
Going on an Adventure Going on an Adventure 0 Begin the fourth adventure 10
Walking The Line Walking The Line 0 Begin the fifth adventure 10
Road Less Travelled Road Less Travelled 0 Begin the sixth adventure 15
Moving On Up Moving On Up 0 Begin the seventh adventure 15
To Victory! To Victory! 0 Begin the eighth adventure 15
Now You're Talking Now You're Talking 0 Speak with Waterkeeper Wyn 5
Talk of the Town Talk of the Town 0 Speak with Big Bob 5
Make Peace, Not War Make Peace, Not War 0 Speak with Peaceful Pig 5
Lost and Found Lost and Found 0 Speak with Larry the Lost 5
Partner in Crime Partner in Crime 0 Speak with BOMB GIRL in the Swamp 5
Privacy, Please! Privacy, Please! 0 Speak with with Mr. Oopay 5
Owl Knows Best Owl Knows Best 0 Speak with Hoota tha Skoota 5
Mind the Moose Mind the Moose 0 Speak with Fur 5
Silky Smooth Silky Smooth 0 Speak with Ham Solo 5
Talk the Talk Talk the Talk 0 Speak with Hamdini 5
Hash It Over Hash It Over 0 Speak with Hamdalf 5
Seek the Rainbow Seek the Rainbow 0 Speak with Spirit-Running-Softly 5
Words of Truth Words of Truth 0 Speak with Sunlight-Rising-Boldly 5
Hard to Hear Hard to Hear 0 Speak with Eldra the Spirit 15
Noble Intentions Noble Intentions 0 Speak with Eldra Rex 15
Biting Tongue Biting Tongue 0 Speak with Eldra Highest of High 15
Window Dressing Window Dressing 0 Unlock 5 Skins 5
Sunday Best Sunday Best 0 Unlock 15 Skins 15
Dressed to Kill Dressed to Kill 0 Unlock 25 Skins 25
Skin in the Game Skin in the Game 0 Unlock 35 Skins 35
Starry Eyed Starry Eyed 0 Collect 5 Stars 5
Rising Star Rising Star 0 Collect 15 Stars 15
Star Power Star Power 0 Collect 25 Stars 25
Written in the Stars Written in the Stars 0 Collect 35 Stars 35
Sunny Shores Sunny Shores 0 Find the secret beach 15
Under the Radar Under the Radar 0 Find the secret storage area in the swamp 15
Caving In Caving In 0 Find the secret cave in the desert 15
Page Turner Page Turner 0 Find the secret room in the museum 15
Steel Yourself Steel Yourself 0 Defeat 20 enemies with any Sword 30
To the Beat To the Beat 0 Defeat 20 enemies with any Club 30
Poking Around Poking Around 0 Defeat 20 enemies with any Spear 30
Two of a Kind Two of a Kind 0 Defeat 20 enemies with any Dual Weapon 35
Hit the Spot Hit the Spot 0 Defeat 20 enemies with any Slap Weapon 35
Trigger Happy Trigger Happy 0 Defeat 20 enemies with any Gun 30
Hello Darkness Hello Darkness 0 Begin the Ninth Adventure 10
Don't Care Don't Care 0 Speak with Brother Honey 5
Slime Slayer Slime Slayer 0 Kill 80 Slimes 35
Point Taken Point Taken 0 Die by Traps 20 Times 25
Spinal Adjustment Spinal Adjustment 0 Defeat Great Cartos 25