Heroes Trials Achievements

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Social butterfly Social butterfly 0 Talk to a NPC. 65
In my shoes In my shoes 0 Buy the boots. 85
Healthy diet Healthy diet 0 Found a fruit or vegetable in the island. 85
Poor thing Poor thing 0 Killed an enemy. 85
I found my way I found my way 0 Cleared the first trial. 85
Frankenslime Frankenslime 0 Defeated Potako. 85
Matador Matador 0 Defeated Taurus. 85
Manic hero Manic hero 0 Defeated Denmaku. 85
Somebody set up us the bomb Somebody set up us the bomb 0 Get the bombs. 85
Magical chase Magical chase 0 Acquired the three magic spells. 85
Old heroes of Délhua Old heroes of Délhua 0 Interacted with the Adel and Soreon statues. 85
Plonida's disciple Plonida's disciple 0 Cleared Plonida shrine. 85