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Deponia Doomsday Achievements

Full list of Deponia Doomsday achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Deponia Doomsday has 36 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Huzza, he's back. Huzza, he's back. 0 Welcome back to Deponia 15
And again, and again, and... And again, and again, and... 0 Did anyone get that? 15
Burn, Elysium, burn! Burn, Elysium, burn! 0 Slightly above body temperature 15
Funtime's over Funtime's over 0 The perfect place for mayhem 15
Boat of love, boat of love Boat of love, boat of love 0 He is a true romantic 15
School's out School's out 0 What a wild ride it has been... 15
Portals come in packs Portals come in packs 0 Logic is the last resort of the uninspired. 15
And everything comes full circle. And everything comes full circle. 0 I told you: do not tempt endings! 60
Against better judgement Against better judgement 0 Please put the torch back where it belongs. 30
Sole Music Sole Music 0 He doesn't deserve any better! Kick the Fewlock as often as you can. 15
Distraction Distraction 0 Get distracted by a fewlock while three bars are glowing. 15
Masseltov Masseltov 0 Destroy many, many toilet seats. 15
Quickdraw Quickdraw 0 Slingshot the elephant before he can say anything. 30
Shall we play a game? Shall we play a game? 0 Don't put the fruit to the middle square. 30
Weapons 101 Weapons 101 0 Give Tuck all possible gun variants. 30
Brainfreeze Brainfreeze 0 Let Rufus eat a lot of icecream. 15
1001 Jackalopes 1001 Jackalopes 0 Create every jackalope and clone it. 110
Chunky Chunky 0 Mix the drink first, then grind down the maggot. 15
FunScore FunScore 0 Reach almost 10000 fun points. 15
Sadist Sadist 0 Dump a lot of hot coal into your crotch. 30
Photo Friend Photo Friend 0 Collect all photo variants before you take the final snapshot. 80
No man left behind! No man left behind! 0 Save your party, let nobody die. 30
Every man for himself! Every man for himself! 0 Your party be damned, let them all die. 15
Thuna...? Thuna...? 0 Find the dolphin. 30
Monstrous Harassment Monstrous Harassment 0 Annoy the sea monster until it snaps. 30
Scaffolding Expert Scaffolding Expert 0 Find the scaffolding! 30
The customer is always right The customer is always right 0 Order a sausage from the sausage bot many times. 15
Kuvaq Minigame-Master Kuvaq Minigame-Master 0 Sucessfully complete all minigames in Kuvaq 30
Pacifist Pacifist 0 Never pick up the paintball gun. 30
Elysian Minigame-Master Elysian Minigame-Master 0 Successfully complete all minigames on Elysium 30
Goat Team Goat Team 0 Let the goat hop from flag to flag a lot of times. 15
Play it again, Ronny Play it again, Ronny 0 Press the jukebox until you get a song. 30
Heading the inverter Heading the inverter 0 Head the power inverter during slow-motion. 15
Apoca...huh? Apoca...huh? 0 Wait until the countdown should be finished. 30
Paradox! Paradox! 0 Use the milk on yourself. 15
Blast from the Past Blast from the Past 0 Go through all portals. 60