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God's Trigger Achievements

Find all the God's Trigger achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 41 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

God's Trigger God's Trigger 0 Collect all achievements. 100
Sheriff's Badge Sheriff's Badge 0 Complete all levels of Chapter 1. 15
Chef's Fork Chef's Fork 0 Complete all levels of Chapter 2. 15
Biker's Bandana Biker's Bandana 0 Complete all levels of Chapter 3. 15
Soldier's Dog Tag Soldier's Dog Tag 0 Complete all levels of Chapter 4. 15
Apocalypse Untriggered Apocalypse Untriggered 0 Complete the story mode. 60
The Number of the Beast The Number of the Beast 0 Kill 666 enemies. 15
Talent for Violence Talent for Violence 0 Perform 5x combo kill. 15
Natural Born Killer Natural Born Killer 0 Perform a 10x combo kill streak. 30
Combo King Combo King 0 Perform a 20x combo kill streak. 60
Pro Gamer Pro Gamer 0 Finish one non-tutorial level without dying. 30
A-grade Student A-grade Student 0 Finish all levels with an A grade. 30
Supreme Warrior Supreme Warrior 0 Finish all levels with an S grade. 60
Handshake Handshake 0 Finish a level in Co-Op mode. 15
Double Trouble Double Trouble 0 Finish all chapters in Co-Op mode. 30
No Rest for the Wicked No Rest for the Wicked 0 Finish all levels in Arcade mode. 30
Helljoy Amateur Helljoy Amateur 0 Collect one full set of Helljoy Magazine pages. 15
Helljoy Subscriber Helljoy Subscriber 0 Collect all Helljoy Magazine pages sets. 30
One-bullet Sermon One-bullet Sermon 0 Kill 3 enemies with 1 shot of the revolver. 15
Get Over Here! Get Over Here! 0 Steal 30 weapons using Judy's upgraded chain. 15
Not the Demon You're Looking For Not the Demon You're Looking For 0 Make possessed by Mind Control opponents to kill 30 other enemies. 15
Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner 0 Drain 6 enemies into a single Black Hole ability. 15
Trickster Trickster 0 Confuse enemies with the Mirror Image ability 30 times. 15
Rest in Pieces Rest in Pieces 0 Kill 30 enemies with the Exploding Corpses ability. 15
Hot as Hell Hot as Hell 0 Kill 4 enemies at once with an exploding projectile shot through the Fire Wall. 15
Never Saw Him Coming Never Saw Him Coming 0 Kill 3 enemies at once when using the Invisibility ability. 15
Keep the Change Keep the Change 0 Kill 30 enemies with a deflected bullet using the upgraded Divine Shield ability. 15
Time Bandit Time Bandit 0 Freeze 6 enemies in time simultaneously using the Time Freeze ability. 15
Use the Force Use the Force 0 Smash 10 enemies against the wall with upgraded Holy Push ability. 15
The Holy Bubble The Holy Bubble 0 Catch 30 enemies in a trap using the Time Bubble ability. 15
Telekiller! Telekiller! 0 Kill 5 enemies with Judy's upgraded teleport ability. 15
Hold the Door! Hold the Door! 0 Kill 5 enemies by knocking out doors with Harry's upgraded dash ability. 15
Sure Shot Sure Shot 0 Kill 3 enemies with a single sniper bullet in chapter 3 level 4. 15
Deadly Silence Deadly Silence 0 Kill all enemies in chapter 4 level 1. 15
Silence is Golden Silence is Golden 0 Stealth kill 20 enemies. 30
Eyes on the Prize Eyes on the Prize 0 Kill 20 marked enemies. 30
Great Minds Think Alike Great Minds Think Alike 0 Make 30 Synchro Kills while playing in Co-Op mode. 15
Executioner Executioner 0 Perform 10 executions. 15
Heaven's Finest Heaven's Finest 0 Reach level 30 with Harry. 30
Devil's Daughter Devil's Daughter 0 Reach level 30 with Judy. 30
God Bless You God Bless You 0 Find all of the hidden perk chests. 30