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Mowin' & Throwin' Achievements

Full list of Mowin' & Throwin' achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Mowin' & Throwin' has 18 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Smashing! Smashing! 0 Threw a rock at another gnome and stunned them. 25
Not Your Dad's Mower Not Your Dad's Mower 0 Picked up two gas cans while boosting. 75
Expect Nothing Less Than Perfect Expect Nothing Less Than Perfect 0 Mowed 100% of your lawn before time ran out. 50
Please Tie Again Please Tie Again 0 Got a tie game. 75
Not on My Lawn! Not on My Lawn! 0 Dug up a fertilizer that was less than a second away from exploding. 50
You're the Real MVP You're the Real MVP 0 Played a game where a gnome received a gold end game trophy in all categories. 75
Two For One Two For One 0 Knocked a fertilizer out of a gnome's hand by throwing a fertilizer at them. 75
Throw the Fertilizer!! Throw the Fertilizer!! 0 Had three thrown fertilizers simultaneously counting down on your rival's yard. 75
10% Luck 20% Skill... 10% Luck 20% Skill... 0 Came back and won a match after being behind by 20%. 75
Don't Call it a Comeback! Don't Call it a Comeback! 0 Won in the last 5 seconds of a match after being behind. 50
Boop! Boop! 0 Knocked a gnome off a level by hitting them with an item. 50
I Meant To Do That I Meant To Do That 0 Walked off the edge of a lawn while affected by the Hypno Shroom spores. 25
Seasoned Gnome Seasoned Gnome 0 Finish a match on every level in the game. 75

Secret Achievements

Good Grief Good Grief 0 Stunned your teammate by throwing an item at them. 25
Witness Me! Witness Me! 0 Drove off the edge of a lawn while boosting on the mower. 50
Staahhp! Staahhp! 0 You were the victim of a 6 second stun lock. 75
Heads Up! Heads Up! 0 Got stunned by a falling care package. 50
Out of My Way! Out of My Way! 0 "Accidently" pushed your teammate off the edge of a lawn with the mower. 25