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RICO Achievements

Full list of RICO achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

RICO has 21 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Training Day Training Day 0 Complete a daily training session. 10
Partners Partners 0 Complete a two-player operation. 10
Daily News Daily News 0 Complete a daily operation. 40
Level Up Level Up 0 Reach level 14. 40
Demolition Ranch Demolition Ranch 0 Purchase all weapons. 70
Wrap It Up Wrap It Up 0 Complete a case on any difficulty. 70
San Amaro's Finest San Amaro's Finest 0 Complete a case on Hard difficulty. 150
Maximum Pain Maximum Pain 0 Clear ten rooms of criminals while in slow-mo. 10
Knock Knock Knock Knock 0 Knock down a criminal while sliding into a room. 10
Body Bags Body Bags 0 Achieve 100 kills. 10
Formal Inquiry Formal Inquiry 0 Achieve 500 kills. 40
Internal Affairs Internal Affairs 0 Achieve 1,000 kills. 70
Stick Fighter Stick Fighter 0 Achieve 20 melee kills. 40
Boom Town Boom Town 0 Neutralise three or more criminals with one Stinger grenade in the same room. 40
Near-Death Experience Near-Death Experience 0 Revive yourself five times. 10
Healing Hands Healing Hands 0 Revive another player five times. 40
Super Cop Super Cop 0 Finish three operations, losing less than ten health points in each. 70
Wave Rider Wave Rider 0 Survive five waves in Lockdown mode. 40
Hang Ten Hang Ten 0 Survive ten waves in Lockdown mode. 70
Face/Off Face/Off 0 Knock 50 masks off enemies. 10
Operator Operator 0 Achieve a kill with a side-arm, a tactical weapon and a grenade in the same room. 150