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Warparty Achievements

Full list of Warparty achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Warparty has 25 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Tribe Is Strong! Tribe Is Strong! 0 Reach 200 Population 30
Dinosaur Dundee Dinosaur Dundee 0 Kill a total of 500 wild dinosaurs 40
Raptor Rush Raptor Rush 0 Win a game as the Sage by building nothing but Wisps and Raptors 40
Strong Rule Weak Strong Rule Weak 0 Win 20 Skirmish games 40
The Path to Power The Path to Power 0 Capture a total of 100 Go'n Shrines 40
Bigger is Better Bigger is Better 0 Recruit 10 Golems, 10 T-Rexes and 10 Mammoths in one game each. 40
Stone Age of Empires Stone Age of Empires 0 Build every structure in the game at least once 40
Wendigo of Wallstreet Wendigo of Wallstreet 0 Mine a total of 100.000 crystals 40
Specialist Specialist 0 Pick every talent at least once and win a game with it 40
You complete me You complete me 0 Win 10 Team Games 40
Taste my Lightning! Taste my Lightning! 0 Use every power at least once 40
Opportunist Opportunist 0 Steal 25 shrines from an enemy 40
King of my Castle King of my Castle 0 Build 4 Settlements, 10 towers and research Fortification in one game 40
I came in like a Wrecking Ball I came in like a Wrecking Ball 0 Destroy a total of 200 enemy structures 40
Top of the Food Chain Top of the Food Chain 0 Kill 25 wild T-Rexes 40
I wasn't even trying I wasn't even trying 0 Win a Skirmish 1v1 vs a very hard AI 40
Survival Artist Survival Artist 0 Play Survival Mode on medium and survive until wave 25 40
Jack of all Trades Jack of all Trades 0 Win 10 games with each faction 40
Active Ability is an Alliteration Active Ability is an Alliteration 0 Cast a total of 200 active abilities 40
A girl and her T-Rex A girl and her T-Rex 0 Recruit "Reggie" in Mika Mission 1. 40
I love Sand I love Sand 0 Complete Mika Mission 3 without lifting the Sandstorm. 40
Don't touch my Thermostat Don't touch my Thermostat 0 Complete Char Mission 1 without lighting a single Bonfire. 40
Dead men don't walk like dinosaurs Dead men don't walk like dinosaurs 0 Complete Char Mission 2 without training Bone Adepts, Blowgunners or Shamans. 40
Forest Fire Fighter Forest Fire Fighter 0 Complete Sage Mission 3 without letting the enemy light more than 3 bonfires. 40
Yes we Canpaign! Yes we Canpaign! 0 Beat all faction's campaign 50