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Trailmakers Achievements

Find all the Trailmakers achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 18 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

So attractive! So attractive! 0 You picked up a piece of Salvage with the magnet 40
Ready for take-off Ready for take-off 0 You rebuilt the spaceship 150
Bring Marshmallows! Bring Marshmallows! 0 You went into the volcano 50
Power Core Collector Power Core Collector 0 You found 15 Power Cores in the campaign 55
Goldrush Goldrush 0 You got gold on Downhill Rush 30
Slide to Win Slide to Win 0 You got gold on Sunny Slide 40
To fly or not to fly To fly or not to fly 0 You got gold on Cliff Land 100
Island Hopper Island Hopper 0 You landed on all the floating islands above Race Island in one session 35
Hot Air Hot Air 0 You crashed into the blimp 35
Best view in town Best view in town 0 You landed on the lighthouse on Race Island 50
Moby Dick Moby Dick 0 You bumped into the whales 40
Sharing is Caring Sharing is Caring 0 You shared a vehicle in the Gallery 40
Car Collector Car Collector 0 You downloaded a vehicle from the Gallery 30
Monster! Monster! 0 You killed 8 chickens in one session 35
Sonic Boom Sonic Boom 0 You broke the sound barrier 70
Man in Black Man in Black 0 You flew through the rings of fire in one session 40
Problem Solver Problem Solver 0 You completed all ball puzzles on Sandbox Island in one session 80
Leonardo da Vinci Leonardo da Vinci 0 You stayed in the air for 1 minute without using power cores 80