FAR: Lone Sails Achievements

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There are 14 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

The Sound of Silence The Sound of Silence 0 Burn the Radio while it plays 70
Full Throttle Full Throttle 0 Ride the Okomotive at full Speed 80
A Piece of Home A Piece of Home 0 Reach the end of the game with the mailbox 50
Fire in the Hole! Fire in the Hole! 0 Blow up every explosive barrel 80
Hoarder Hoarder 0 Store 15 object inside the Okomotive 70
It's over 9000! It's over 9000! 0 Reach 9001 on the distance counter 171
I got 99 minutes I got 99 minutes 0 Rush through the game in less than 99 minutes 99

Secret Achievements

Set Sail Set Sail 0 Install the Sail Module 50
Break it, fix it! Break it, fix it! 0 Install the Repair Module 50
Suck it up! Suck it up! 0 Install the Item Gatherer 50
Pimp my Ride Pimp my Ride 0 Install a new pair of Wheels 50
The answer to life, the universe and everyth The answer to life, the universe and everyth 0 Burn 42 objects 50
Goodbye old Friend Goodbye old Friend 0 Complete FAR: Lone Sails 50
My Heart will go on My Heart will go on 0 Stand at the Flagpole of the Landcruiser 80