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Frane: Dragons' Odyssey Achievements

Find all the Frane: Dragons' Odyssey achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 24 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Trainee Chef Trainee Chef 0 Cooked 20 dishes. 50
Professional Chef Professional Chef 0 Cooked all the dishes. 100
Crafter Crafter 0 Crafted 20 crafts. 50
Craft Lover Craft Lover 0 Crafted all the crafts. 100
Title Collector Title Collector 0 Gained 10 titles. 50
Title Master Title Master 0 Gained all the titles. 100
Letter from Riel Letter from Riel 0 Received a letter from Riel. 40
Letter from Floryn Letter from Floryn 0 Received a letter from Floryn. 40
Letter from Bartz Letter from Bartz 0 Received a letter from Bartz. 40
Letter from Miriam Letter from Miriam 0 Received a letter from Miriam. 40
Letter from Harele Letter from Harele 0 Received a letter from Harele. 40
Letter from Klune Letter from Klune 0 Received a letter from Klune. 40
Piere's Loyal Customer Piere's Loyal Customer 0 Upgraded a weapon 10 times. 30
Millionaire Millionaire 0 Gained 100000 gold. 30
Adventurous Days Adventurous Days 0 Defeated 3000 enemies. 30

Secret Achievements

Rat Family Rat Family 0 Cleared Clauveh Mine. 10
Secret of Oasis Secret of Oasis 0 Cleared Krokopp Desert. 10
Collecting Clothes Collecting Clothes 0 Cleared Village Outskirts. 10
Man Who Was Alive Man Who Was Alive 0 Cleared Denarius' Manor. 20
Searching for Escude Searching for Escude 0 Cleared Brigands' Hideout. 20
Harele's Decision Harele's Decision 0 Cleared Cordova's Manor. 20
To the Depth of the Temple To the Depth of the Temple 0 Cleared the upper layer of Manato Temple. 20
Game Clear Game Clear 0 Cleared the main story. 60
Secret Room Secret Room 0 Found the staff room. 50