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My Time at Portia Achievements

Full list of My Time at Portia achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

My Time at Portia has 30 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Newcomer Newcomer 0 Arrive at Portia. 15
I am a Builder I am a Builder 0 Register your workshop. 15
Adventurer Adventurer 0 Pass the test to enter the Collapsed Wasteland. 30
Savior of Tree Farm Savior of Tree Farm 0 Help the Portia Tree Farm be operational again. 30
Across the River Across the River 0 Help build the Portia Bridge. 15
Forever Forever 0 Find a diamond. 30
Premier Workshop Premier Workshop 0 Be ranked number one in a seasonal workshop ranking. 30
Popular Popular 0 Workshop reputation reaches Level S. 30
Well-rounded Workshop Well-rounded Workshop 0 Gather 50 assembly diagrams. 30
Real Estate Tycoon Real Estate Tycoon 0 Expand the land area of the workshop to the maximum. 30
Bad Cook Bad Cook 0 Fail at cooking 1 time. 15
Ruin Diver Ruin Diver 0 Enter the Abandoned Ruins for the first time. 15
Relic Explorer Relic Explorer 0 Discover 1 mysterious rooms in Abandoned Ruins. 30
Too Tired Too Tired 0 Forced to sleep at 3:00 in the morning. 15
Married! Married! 0 Get Married. 30
Heartbreak! Heartbreak! 0 Get divorced. 15
Cat Lover Cat Lover 0 Adopt Pinky. 15
Unintended Mistake Unintended Mistake 0 Give out a gift that the other person doesn't like. 15
Say Cheese! Say Cheese! 0 The first photo taken with someone else. 30
Birdie Birdie 0 Play the seesaw and get your playmate to catch a bird. 90
No Show No Show 0 You missed a date. 15
City Transporter City Transporter 0 Complete all five Dee-dee transport commissions. 30
A True Hotpot A True Hotpot 0 Keep the spiciness of the hotpot above 85 for 10 seconds during the Winter Solstice festival. 30
Romantic Proposal Romantic Proposal 0 Accept Gust's proposal. 30
Dream Come True Dream Come True 0 Complete Phyllis's Dream 30
Ribbon Cutting Ribbon Cutting 0 Opening Of The Museum 30
All Roads Lead to Portia All Roads Lead to Portia 0 Complete South Block. 90
Safe Harbor Safe Harbor 0 Complete the new Portia Harbor. 90
My Time at Portia My Time at Portia 0 Finish the main storyline. 100

Secret Achievements

Hello Mr. Ack Hello Mr. Ack 0 Help fix Ack the living AI. 30