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Stranger Things 3: The Game Achievements

Full list of Stranger Things 3: The Game achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Stranger Things 3: The Game has 31 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Welcome To Hawkins Welcome To Hawkins 0 Complete Sneak Peek 15
Shake Things Up Shake Things Up 0 Complete Revenge of the Geeks 15
Homebodies Homebodies 0 Complete Chores for Granny Perkins 15
Little Shop of Flowers Little Shop of Flowers 0 Complete Wall Flower 15
A Fishy Request A Fishy Request 0 Complete 30 Minutes or Less 15
An Honest Living An Honest Living 0 Complete Ivan the Smuggler 15
Shack Sack Shack Sack 0 Complete On the Wire 15
What's In Store What's In Store 0 Complete Store Raid 15
Rats! Rats! 0 Complete Rats in the Walls 15
Crafted Things Crafted Things 0 Crafted your first item 15
Short Circuit Short Circuit 0 Successfully hack the hardest level chest/door 30
Gnome Mercy Gnome Mercy 0 Found 25 hidden gnomes. Half-way there! 30
Take a look at me now Take a look at me now 0 Acquire 5 trinkets 90
Survivor Survivor 0 Beat the game on New Game+ 90
Home a Gnome Home a Gnome 0 Found all 50 hidden gnomes. 100

Secret Achievements

From Love to Russia From Love to Russia 0 Complete Radar Love 15
...but boyfriends do ...but boyfriends do 0 Complete Break In, Make Out 15
Pure Nightmare Fuel Pure Nightmare Fuel 0 Complete Hospital Brawl 15
The Bite The Bite 0 Complete Cabin Ambush 15
Welcome To Hell Welcome To Hell 0 Complete Mall Showdown 15
Fat Rambo Fat Rambo 0 Complete Invasion of Privacy 15
Up to Eleven Up to Eleven 0 Unlock Eleven 30
Mad Max Mad Max 0 Unlock Max 30
I Scream For Ice Cream I Scream For Ice Cream 0 Unlock Erica 30
One Time at Space Camp One Time at Space Camp 0 Unlock Dustin 30
The Cool Guy The Cool Guy 0 Unlock Steve 30
Normal is boring Normal is boring 0 Unlock Jonathan 30
Finding Chemistry Finding Chemistry 0 Unlock Hopper and Joyce 30
Cut, It, Out Cut, It, Out 0 Unlock Nancy 30
Will the Wise Will the Wise 0 Unlock Will 90
Moving Day Moving Day 0 Complete the game 90