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GIGA WRECKER ALT. Achievements

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There are 16 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Armory Overlord Armory Overlord 0 Defeated Astra Vinatā at Samsāra, Armory of Blood. 50
Seeker Sorceress Seeker Sorceress 0 Defeated Astra Kadrū at Darshana, Temple of Seekers. 50
Dragons of the Diamond Cave Dragons of the Diamond Cave 0 Defeated Astra Rāhu and Ketu at Pātāla, Fount of Enlightenment. 50
Master at ARMs Master at ARMs 0 Found all blueprints and completed all weapons. 50
Hills of Skills Hills of Skills 0 Achieved perfection by unlocking all skills. 50
Access All Areas Access All Areas 0 Activated all Gate Key Modules and opened all area gates. 50
Unbeatable Unbeatable 0 Completed the Astra Rush training protocol. 75
Suppression: Astra Vinatā Suppression: Astra Vinatā 0 Defeated Astra Vinatā in Hard Mode. 50
Domination: Astra Kadrū Domination: Astra Kadrū 0 Defeated Astra Kadrū in Hard Mode. 50
Conquest: Astra Rāhu and Ketu Conquest: Astra Rāhu and Ketu 0 Defeated Astra Rāhu and Ketu in Hard Mode. 50
Untouchable Untouchable 0 Completed the Astra Rush training protocol in Hard Mode. 200
Alternate Ending Alternate Ending 0 Travelled to the depths of every level and learned of an alternate future. 50

Secret Achievements

Decadent Devil Decadent Devil 0 Defeated Astra Saramā at Sattva, City of Decadence. 50
Empress of Angels Empress of Angels 0 Defeated Mahāstra Tārā at Vimukti, Fortress of Angels. 50
Subjugation: Astra Saramā Subjugation: Astra Saramā 0 Defeated Astra Saramā in Hard Mode. 50
Annihilation: Mahāstra Tārā Annihilation: Mahāstra Tārā 0 Defeated Mahāstra Tārā in Hard Mode. 75