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Bird Game + Achievements

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There are 11 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

The Battle The Battle 0 Reach to the first boss fight 100
Mach 10 Mach 10 0 Defeat the Bug Bros 100
It's a Trap It's a Trap 0 Reach to the second boss fight 100
In the Dark In the Dark 0 Complete a level in Dark Mode 100
High Speeds High Speeds 0 Get a speed boost 100
Fishing Fishing 0 Catch a fish 100
Recovery Recovery 0 Recover some health with the collectables 100
Learning How to Fly Learning How to Fly 0 Reach a score of 50 on endless mode 75
Practicing Flying Practicing Flying 0 Reach a score of 100 on endless mode 75
Flying Exam Flying Exam 0 Reach a score of 150 on endless mode 75
Mastering the Wings Mastering the Wings 0 Reach a score of 200 on endless mode 75