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Party Golf Achievements

Full list of Party Golf achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Party Golf has 57 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Getting the Hang of it Getting the Hang of it 0 Win a round of a quick match. 10
With Great Power... With Great Power... 0 Try all of the powerups. 10
Variation Variation 0 Finish a round of every game mode. 10
Explorer Explorer 0 Try a non-default setting from every deep customisation row (when not playing standard gamemodes) 10
Non-canonical Ending Non-canonical Ending 0 Win a match as Goliath against all the Davids. 10
Time Dilation Time Dilation 0 Win back-to-back matches of Red Pill and Super Speed. 10
There Can Be Only One There Can Be Only One 0 Emerge victorious from a Sumo match. 10
Eagle Eye Eagle Eye 0 Successfully sink the ball in Flappy Ball. 10
True Technical Supremacy True Technical Supremacy 0 Win a four player match of Spiderball with least shots as the scoring mode. 50
Skills All Round Skills All Round 0 Get four balls in the hole in a quick match. 10
Fantastic Four Fantastic Four 0 All four human players get a hole-in-1. 10
Everybody Bunch Up Everybody Bunch Up 0 Play with 8 human players. 10
Dynamic Duo Dynamic Duo 0 Finish a match in first and second place with your controller buddy in a game with 8 human players. 50
Quick Everyone! Quick Everyone! 0 Get all 8 balls in the hole when only 5 seconds is allowed after the first ball is sunk. 10
Bespoke and Fast! Bespoke and Fast! 0 Change something on the quick settings menu. 10
Custom Custom 0 Use the customise menu. 10
Unbalanced Unbalanced 0 Set some per-player options in the customise menu. 10
Dragons Don't Scare Me Dragons Don't Scare Me 0 Find the deepest level of the customise menu. 10
Spirit Animal Advice or Tasty Burger? Spirit Animal Advice or Tasty Burger? 0 Use the sliders to customise further. 10
Let Me See What You Made Let Me See What You Made 0 Play a friend's custom gamemode. 50
Get Outta Here Get Outta Here 0 Push 3 or more players with one use of the forcefield. 10
Wall-hack Smack-back Wall-hack Smack-back 0 Hit another wall-hacking player while wall-hacking and survive. 10
Perfect Arc Perfect Arc 0 Get a hole-in-1 with no bounces and at least 3 checkpoints enabled. 10
Rat-King King Rat-King King 0 Be the winning player in a Rat-King of 4 players or more. 10
Collusion? Collusion? 0 All players vote for the same option. 10
Joining the 1% Joining the 1% 0 Collect 500 or more coins in one round. 10
The Long Way The Long Way 0 Travel more than a kilometre before getting a hole-in-1 by using powerups. 10
The Long Hard Way The Long Hard Way 0 Travel more than two kilometres before getting a hole-in-1 without using powerups. 50
I Can See My House From Here I Can See My House From Here 0 Get more than a kilometre away from the hole before sinking. 10
Fruit Bowl Fruit Bowl 0 Get two giant bananas in the hole at once. 10
Hole-in-1 Hole-in-1 0 Get a hole-in-1. 10
Swish Swish 0 Get a hole-in-1 with no bounces. 10
Five With One Blow Five With One Blow 0 Get 5 holes-in-1 in a row. 10
...Comes Great Responsibility ...Comes Great Responsibility 0 Get a hole-in-0 by using your powerups. 10
That's Umpossible! That's Umpossible! 0 Get a hole-in-0 without using any powerups. 20
Undefeated Undefeated 0 Win every round in a match of 500 points or more with the default settings for bonuses. 50
Checkmate Checkmate 0 Win a round with at least 3 checkpoints without anybody else getting any. 10
Domination Domination 0 Win 3 matches in a row in a single session. 10
The Hole is That Way The Hole is That Way 0 Don't win a round in a match of 500 points or more with the default settings for bonuses. 10
Dazed and Confused Dazed and Confused 0 Play a round for 4 minutes or more without anybody sinking. 10
Close Call Close Call 0 Sink with less than a second on the round clock. 10
Bruised and Battered Bruised and Battered 0 Get hit by 20 or more skyjunk in one round. 10
Denied Denied 0 Fail to win the match even after winning the round while on match point. 10
You're Doing Scoring Wrong You're Doing Scoring Wrong 0 Finish the match on a negative score. 10
Tin Cupping It Tin Cupping It 0 Miss 5 or more consecutive shots from the tee and then sink the ball on your next shot. 10
So Many Missed Chances So Many Missed Chances 0 Win a quick game with a score over 1000 points. 50
Underdog Underdog 0 Win a match after there being 3 or more players on match-point above you. 10
Comeback Comeback 0 Respawn twice and still win the round. 10
Tortured Path Tortured Path 0 Hit 10 mines in a row and then still end up in the hole on the same shot. 10
Luck from the Sky Luck from the Sky 0 Get a random drop from the top that sinks your ball. 10
CTR Rules CTR Rules 0 Be selected for the podium after a match ends in a tie. 10
9 Parts Luck, 1 Part Skill 9 Parts Luck, 1 Part Skill 0 Get a hole-in-1 on a caves level with all other settings on default. 10
Photo Finish Photo Finish 0 Sink the ball at the exact same time as another player. 20
Good Times Good Times 0 Play 1000 rounds. 50
Great Times Great Times 0 Win 100 matches. 50
All-rounder All-rounder 0 Win a match of at least half of the gamemodes. 100
Aiming for Perfection Aiming for Perfection 0 Play every category of trial. 10