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Qubit's Quest Achievements

Full list of Qubit's Quest achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Qubit's Quest has 15 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Golden Retriever Golden Retriever 0 Retrieved all collectible Paws. 200
Every Dog Has His Day Every Dog Has His Day 0 Completed Qubit's Quest in Hard Mode. 150
Downward Dog Downward Dog 0 Made it through the slide unharmed in Slippery Slope. 50
De-Klawed De-Klawed 0 Didn't pop the Bubble in Bustin' Bubbles. 50
Stray Dog Stray Dog 0 Didn't fall in to the void in Digital Dogma. 50
Hunting Hound Hunting Hound 0 Destroyed 100 enemy targets in Ruff Alley. 50
Snooze And Lose Snooze And Lose 0 Earned 3 extra minutes in Quick Draw. 50
Ballin' Out Ballin' Out 0 Got 6 of your balls in the air in Juggle Jumble. 50
Whistle While You Work Whistle While You Work 0 Destroyed all missiles in one round of Whistle Command. 50
Dog Dun It Dog Dun It 0 Completed Wave 10 in Dog Gun It. 50
Terrier Flop Terrier Flop 0 Flopped 200 times in Floppy Dog. 50
Wave Runner Wave Runner 0 Advanced to Wave 5 in Qubitron. 50
Unleashed Unleashed 0 Destroyed 1000 enemies in one game of Robot Invasion. 50
Outta Space Outta Space 0 Destroyed 5 flying saucers in a round in Spaced Out. 50
Doggy Paddle Doggy Paddle 0 Advanced to Wave 10 in Jetpack. 50