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Bring To Light Achievements

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There are 13 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Who There? Who There? 0 Spot a shadow entity 60
Medium Rare Medium Rare 0 Get burned by fire 60
Rusted Hinges Rusted Hinges 0 Find 10 jammed doors 60
Light Hoarder Light Hoarder 0 Pickup at least 10 flashlights / lanterns 60
Acheologist Acheologist 0 Make it to the Ancient City 60
Into the abyss Into the abyss 0 Die by falling into the lava 60
Proven Disciple Proven Disciple 0 Complete All the Trials 60
Scare em back Scare em back 0 Cause a Spider Beast to flee with a flashlight / lantern 60
Explorer Explorer 0 Collect 25 collectible notes 60
Purified by Light Purified by Light 0 Destroy a Ghoul with a flashlight / lantern 100
Embrace the Shadow Embrace the Shadow 0 Side with Avatar of Darkness 100
Come to the Light Come to the Light 0 Side with Avatar of Light 100
Historian Historian 0 Find all collectible notes 160