Omensight Achievements

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There are 33 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

A Murder Mystery! A Murder Mystery! 0 Witness Voden's appearance for the first time. 20
Pygarian Slayer Pygarian Slayer 0 Kill 100 Pygarian soldiers. 20
Rodentian Slayer Rodentian Slayer 0 Kill 100 Rodentian fighters. 20
Void Slayer Void Slayer 0 Kill 100 Ciphers. 20
Most Valuable Player Most Valuable Player 0 Unlock all bonuses at the end of a day. 25
Opportunist Opportunist 0 Kill four enemies with the same column. 20
Ruthless! Ruthless! 0 Kill a surrendering enemy. 10
Tag team Tag team 0 Use Companion ability 50 times 10
Master of Fate Master of Fate 0 Use Delay of Fate 20 times. 10
Grab and Throw Grab and Throw 0 Use Phantom Grasp 50 times. 10
Who needs Swords? Who needs Swords? 0 Use Phantom Blast 30 times. 10
Flurry Master Flurry Master 0 Use Lethal Flurry 20 times. 10
Mobile fighter Mobile fighter 0 Use Phantom Dash 30 times. 10
Tactician Tactician 0 Throw a bomb towards a column while inside Delay of Fate's sphere. 15
Boing! Boing! 0 Jump on the head of all your companions. 10
Phantom Combo Phantom Combo 0 Launch a Phantom Blast on an enemy thrown with Phantom Grasp, while inside Delay of Fates' sphere. 40
Flurry of Death Flurry of Death 0 Execute two Lethal Flurries in a row. 40
Masterful denial Masterful denial 0 Break a barrel thrown by a Shark while it's in the air, by throwing a barrel at it. 40
Barrage of Blasts Barrage of Blasts 0 Launch 4 Phantom Blasts while inside Delay of Fate's sphere. 40
Sword Master! Sword Master! 0 Unlock all Harbinger's Blade upgrades. 60
True Aegis True Aegis 0 Unlock all Harbinger's Aegis upgrades. 40

Secret Achievements

Omensight Omensight 0 Unlock your first Omensight. 30
Making a Murderer Making a Murderer 0 Unlock your second Omensight. 30
The plot thickens The plot thickens 0 Unlock the last Omensight. 30
Pygarian Seal Pygarian Seal 0 Unlock the Pygarian Seal. 30
Rodentian Seal Rodentian Seal 0 Unlock the Rodentian Seal. 30
Vera's Seal Vera's Seal 0 Unlock Vera's Seal. 30
Kladen Seal Kladen Seal 0 Unlock the Kladen Seal. 30
Yield, Draga Yield, Draga 0 Defeat Draga in battle. 60
You're going down, Ludomir You're going down, Ludomir 0 Defeat Ludomir in battle. 60
Die, Indrik, die! Die, Indrik, die! 0 Defeat Indrik in battle. 60
Farewell Ratika! Farewell Ratika! 0 Defeat Ratika in battle. 60
Voden Slayer! Voden Slayer! 0 Emprison Voden. 70