CASE: Animatronics Achievements

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 1100 points.

Meet a Wolf Meet a Wolf 0 Meet the wolf in the game animatronics 100
Meet a Kitten Meet a Kitten 0 Meet the cat in the game animatronics 100
Blue Card Blue Card 0 Pick up the blue card 100
Don't blink Don't blink 0 Meet the owl in the game animatronics 100
Oh really? Oh really? 0 At the finish line 100
Awakening Awakening 0 Rise and shine Mr. Bishop 50
Elementary, dear Bishop Elementary, dear Bishop 0 Collect all the notes 150
Red card Red card 0 Pick up the red card 100
Lock picker Lock picker 0 Earlier I also used to be an adventurer, then... 50
Beginner seeker Beginner seeker 0 Find the first note 50
Secret hunter Secret hunter 0 Find 7 notes 100
Picklock Picklock 0 Pick up the picklock 100