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Captain Cat Achievements

Find all the Captain Cat achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 19 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Sailor Sailor 0 Gold star collected 10
Undersea Bee Hive Undersea Bee Hive 0 The Waspfish has been caught! 50
Evicted Fish Evicted Fish 0 The Housekeeper has been caught! 50
Sniper Fish Sniper Fish 0 Perfect Mode completed! 50
Ship Mate Ship Mate 0 10 gold stars collected! 30
Lieutenant Lieutenant 0 30 gold stars collected! 50
Captain Captain 0 50 gold stars collected! 100
Admiral Admiral 0 100 gold stars collected! 100
Golden Waspfish Golden Waspfish 0 All stars in the Waspfish levels collected! 100
Golden HouseKeeper Golden HouseKeeper 0 All stars in the Housekeeper levels collected! 100
Break on through Break on through 0 Passed through 4 rocks with the red anchor! 50
Kebab Kebab 0 2 eels destroyed with the red anchor! 50
Full Speed Ahead! Full Speed Ahead! 0 5 levels completed within the set time! 20
Bowline Bowline 0 5 levels completed with a successful knot challenge! 20
Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter 0 All coins collected on 5 levels! 20
Ride of the Valkiries Ride of the Valkiries 0 Fish caught during a jellyfish attack! 50
Fisherman of the year Fisherman of the year 0 100,000 points earned 100
A beginner's guide to the sea A beginner's guide to the sea 0 All the scrolls have been read 40
Guided by the stars Guided by the stars 0 2 consecutive levels completed with 3 stars! 10