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Alluris Achievements

Full list of Alluris achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Alluris has 40 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Trader Trader 0 Completed trader questline. 20
Paragon Paragon 0 Pulled the Destiny sword from the stone in the forest. 20
The Cartographer The Cartographer 0 Collected every map in the game on a single character. 20
The Bard The Bard 0 Successfully obtained and learned to play an instrument 20
Lord/Lady Lord/Lady 0 Married into Nobility 20
The Mystical The Mystical 0 Taught to harness your magic 20
Dark Dark 0 Mastered the SoulBlade from the ice caves 20
Strongjaw Strongjaw 0 Licked the hidden stone of might in the mountains 20
Captain Captain 0 Got your own boat and learned how to sail 20
Master Chef Master Chef 0 Learned the culinary arts, out in the desert 20
Dune Racer Dune Racer 0 Overcame the furious road of a desert racer 20
Dragon Rider Dragon Rider 0 Learned how to train your dragon 20
Lawkeeper Lawkeeper 0 Passed the final test for the Jkhard Lawkeepers 20
One of us: Elves One of us: Elves 0 Married an Elf 40
One of us: Dwarves One of us: Dwarves 0 Married a Dwarf 40
One of us: Ratfolk One of us: Ratfolk 0 Married a Rat 40
One of us: Treants One of us: Treants 0 Married the Mushroom Princess 40
One of us: Tieflings One of us: Tieflings 0 Adopt a the tiefling child 40
One of us: Faries One of us: Faries 0 Save some fairies 40
One of us: Merfolk One of us: Merfolk 0 Marry a Mermaid (or Merman) 40
What are you in for? What are you in for? 0 Got thrown into the jails of Khunad 10
Exotic Meats & Cheeses Exotic Meats & Cheeses 0 Figured out who done it at the kings feast 10
Studies in Zoology Studies in Zoology 0 Collected every animal with one character 10
The Allurian Dream The Allurian Dream 0 Bought a house in one of the towns 10
Great Tentacles! Great Tentacles! 0 Beat the mighty kraken at the bottom of the ocean 10
Sea Turtles! Sea Turtles! 0 Found a way off the deserted island 10
One of the World One of the World 0 Unlocked every race 40
The Path The Path 0 Unlock every background 40
It's Been a Long Ride It's Been a Long Ride 0 Unlock all other achievements 50

Secret Achievements

Savior Of Alluris Savior Of Alluris 0 Defeated Baron Dread and saved the world 80
Breaking the Cycle Breaking the Cycle 0 Destroyed Baron Dread's throne, ending the curse of undeath. 100
Can I go home yet? Can I go home yet? 0 Collected every NPC you can promise to take somewhere 10
Rise up Rise up 0 Overthrew the Sultan of Khunad! 10
Do it for the kids Do it for the kids 0 Donated a new orphanage to the city of Khunad 10
It's working!! It's working!! It's working!! It's working!! 0 Fixed up your broken speeder in Khunad 10
Under where? Under where? 0 Found the Underdark 10
Over the Tundra Over the Tundra 0 Discovered The Jkhard Monastery 10
Under the Ocean Under the Ocean 0 Discovered Atlantica 10
Through the Mists Through the Mists 0 Discovered Mythrandir 10
The Dread Fortress The Dread Fortress 0 Found Baron Dread's Fortress 10