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Torchlight II Achievements

Find all the Torchlight II achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 43 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Secret Achievements

The Felled Guardian The Felled Guardian 0 Defeat the Fallen Guardian 15
DEAD THINGS! DEAD THINGS! 0 Defeat One-Eyed Willy 15
From the Pit From the Pit 0 Defeat Mordrox 15
When Grell Fell When Grell Fell 0 Defeat General Grell 15
Arachnothanatology Arachnothanatology 0 Defeat the Winter Widow 15
The Big Chillhoof The Big Chillhoof 0 Defeat Chillhoof 15
Emancipator Emancipator 0 Defeat Kidrik the Mauler 15
Pogg Slammed Pogg Slammed 0 Defeat King Pogg 15
Grand Regicide Grand Regicide 0 Defeat Grand Regent Eldrayn 15
Manticore Manticore 0 Defeat the Manticore 15
Who's Your Friend Who's Your Friend 0 Defeat the Manticore's Mate 15
Revolt Against Artifice Revolt Against Artifice 0 Defeat the Artificer 15
Unmasked Unmasked 0 Defeat the King in Masks 15
Ezrek Gone Ezrek Gone 0 Defeat Ezrek Khan 15
Lizard Breaker Lizard Breaker 0 Defeat Aruk 15
Siege Breaker Siege Breaker 0 Defeat the Siege Guardian 15
Mushroom Picking Mushroom Picking 0 Defeat Boletus Rex 15
Pinned to the Mist Pinned to the Mist 0 Defeat the Wraith Lord 15
The Fall of the Wild The Fall of the Wild 0 Defeat the Grizzled Alpha 15
Ding Dong Ding Dong 0 Defeat Cacklespit 15
Flyswatter Flyswatter 0 Defeat Bloatfang 15
Ghost Buster Ghost Buster 0 Defeat Thiss 15
Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer 0 Defeat Vyrax 15
Marishkabob Marishkabob 0 Defeat Marishka 15
De-Aleera-ious De-Aleera-ious 0 Defeat Aleera 15
Killbot... killed Killbot... killed 0 Defeat Killbot 15
Fair Verona Fair Verona 0 Defeat Verona 15
Mission Accomplished Mission Accomplished 0 Defeat the Dark Alchemist 30
The King Is Dead The King Is Dead 0 Defeat the Nether King 90
The Band Played On The Band Played On 0 Assemble TrillBot 30
Having a Blast Having a Blast 0 Fish using dynamite 15
X Marks the Spot X Marks the Spot 0 Use a map 15
Nest Egg Nest Egg 0 Have 1,000,000 gold 30
I Know a Secret I Know a Secret 0 Find a secret room 15
Fetch a Fair Price Fetch a Fair Price 0 Send your pet to town 15
Overpower Overpower 0 Do 10,000 damage with a single attack 30
Well Dressed Well Dressed 0 Wear a completed armor set 15
Spectacular Find Spectacular Find 0 Find a legendary item 30
Century Mark Century Mark 0 Reach level 100 90
From the Top From the Top 0 Begin a new game plus 30
Hardcore Hardcore 0 Start a hardcore character 15
Goodbye Cruel World Goodbye Cruel World 0 Die with a hardcore character 15
Unstoppable Unstoppable 0 Defeat the Nether King in hardcore mode 130