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One Hand Clapping Achievements

Full list of One Hand Clapping achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

One Hand Clapping has 28 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Silent City Silent City 0 Escape Silent City 50
Duet Desert Duet Desert 0 Traverse Duet Desert 50
Maestro Mountain Maestro Mountain 0 Climb Maestro Mountain 50
Fugue Forest Fugue Forest 0 Wander Fugue Forest 50
Coda Cave Coda Cave 0 Descend Coda Cave 50
Solo Sea Solo Sea 0 Sail through Solo Sea 50
Silent City: Reprise Silent City: Reprise 0 Return to Silent City 100
Fermata Fermata 0 Hug the Melody Hermit for 15 seconds 20
Cadence Cadence 0 Look out from the top of Maestro Mountain for 15 seconds 20
Antiphony Antiphony 0 Complete the Melody Hermit Call and Response with high accuracy 40
Symphony Symphony 0 Complete the Weefox Call and Response with high accuracy 40
Musica Universalis Musica Universalis 0 Complete the Bell Shrine without any errors 40
Ostinato Ostinato 0 Complete the Rhythm Village without any errors 40
Rondo Rondo 0 Complete the Rhythm Temple without any errors 40
Consonance Consonance 0 Complete the Lullaby Call and Response with high accuracy 40
Dissonance Dissonance 0 Complete the World Tree canopy Call and Response with high accuracy 40
Resonance Resonance 0 Complete the World Tree trunk Call and Response with high accuracy 40
Tritone Tritone 0 Complete the Bad Apple section without any errors 40
Cadenza Cadenza 0 Find the Weefox under the waterfall 20
Tempo Tempo 0 Activate the hidden cave in the Tempo Drum section 20
Staccato Staccato 0 Activate the hidden sample machines in the Rhythm Village 20
Silent City Glyph Silent City Glyph 0 Find the Silent City glyph 20
Duet Desert Glyph Duet Desert Glyph 0 Find the Duet Desert glyph 20
Maestro Mountain Glyph Maestro Mountain Glyph 0 Find the Maestro Mountain glyph 20
Fugue Forest Glyph Fugue Forest Glyph 0 Find the Fugue Forest glyph 20
Coda Cave Glyph Coda Cave Glyph 0 Find the Coda Cave glyph 20
Solo Sea Glyph Solo Sea Glyph 0 Find the Solo Sea glyph 20
Silent City: Reprise Glyph Silent City: Reprise Glyph 0 Find the Silent City: Reprise glyph 20