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Paper Dolls Original Achievements

Find all the Paper Dolls Original achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 28 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Extinguishing Extinguishing 0 Extinguish the flame 55
There Are Ghosts Here There Are Ghosts Here 0 Attacked by Nanny Chen 15
Enter Nowhere Enter Nowhere 0 Attacked by Mr.Liu 15
Nobody Shall Pass Nobody Shall Pass 0 Attacked by YinZhong and WangYong 15
Healing Healing 0 Bandaged injured hand 15
Hanging Hanging 0 Finding that DingXiang hanged 15
Mr.Liu Mr.Liu 0 Seal Mr.Liu 15
Nanny Chen Nanny Chen 0 Seal Nanny Chen 15
Mischief Mischief 0 Solved Ming‘s distress 15
Controlled By Ghost Controlled By Ghost 0 Escape the control of ghost in the wareroom 15
Ming Ming 0 Seal Ming 15
Transform Transform 0 Attacked by DingXiang 15
WangYong WangYong 0 Seal WangYong 30
DingXiang DingXiang 0 Seal DingXiang 30
YinZhong YinZhong 0 Seal YinZhong 30
The Last Step The Last Step 0 Climb the last stage stairs 90
First Puzzle First Puzzle 0 Solve the first puzzle 15
Puzzle Master Puzzle Master 0 Solve five puzzles 30
Puzzle Expert Puzzle Expert 0 Solve all puzzles 90
Mr.Liu's Diary Mr.Liu's Diary 0 Collect the first diary of Mr.Liu 15
Daily Collector Daily Collector 0 Collect all Mr.Liu's diary 90
All Staff Members All Staff Members 0 Complete staff illustrations 90
Roaming First Floor Roaming First Floor 0 Open all doors 30
Hide And Seek Hide And Seek 0 Hide in the closet 15
Agile Agile 0 Not injured by vase of teahouse 15
Just the Beginning Just the Beginning 0 Finished the game on normal mode 30
Goodnight, My Friend Goodnight, My Friend 0 Finished the game on Nightmare mode 90
Heighest Rating Heighest Rating 0 Get S rating 90