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Duck Life: Battle Achievements

Find all the Duck Life: Battle achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 24 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Duck designer Duck designer 0 Create your own duck character 25
Multi-talented Multi-talented 0 Gain a level in every skill 50
Intermediate skiller Intermediate skiller 0 Reach level 50 in a skill 25
All rounder All rounder 0 Reach level 50 in every skill 50
Fruity Fruity 0 Win a battle dressed as a watermelon 30
Wonderful Wonderful 0 Spin the wonder wheel 15
Jumping duck Jumping duck 0 Learn to jump 25
First place First place 0 Win a tournament 50
Mechanic Mechanic 0 Upgrade a piece of equipment 15
Master upgrader Master upgrader 0 Upgrade a piece of equipment all the way 25
Valued customer Valued customer 0 Buy an item from the shop 25
Makeover Makeover 0 Get a makeover at the salon 25
Wonderlust Wonderlust 0 Spin the wonder wheel 5 times 25
Duck tycoon Duck tycoon 0 Have 1000 coins in your inventory 100
Dragon queen Dragon queen 0 Win a battle with a dragon 50
Airborne flapper Airborne flapper 0 Fly to a location 15
Skill master Skill master 0 Reach level 100 in every skill 100
Mallard masher Mallard masher 0 Beat the mallard gang in a battle 50
The power of sight The power of sight 0 Find glasses for a short sighted duck 50
Something special Something special 0 Perform a special attack 15
1 hit KO 1 hit KO 0 Defeat a duck with a single hit 50
Wealthy duck Wealthy duck 0 Have 500 coins in your inventory 50
Nudist Nudist 0 Win a battle with no weapon or clothes 35

Secret Achievements

Bridge over the Waters Bridge over the Waters 0 Beat Duckland Waters in a battle 100