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AirMech Arena Achievements

Full list of AirMech Arena achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

AirMech Arena has 30 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Getting Started Getting Started 0 Complete the Tutorial. 10
On a Roll On a Roll 0 Win 3-consecutive online matches. 25
Win Online Match Win Online Match 0 Be on the winning team in any match online! 15
Win 10 Online Matches Win 10 Online Matches 0 Win 10 or more online matches in any game mode. 25
Replicators Down Replicators Down 0 Win a match on any map without building anything. 25
Max Level Max Level 0 Reach Level 15 in any AirMech in an online or offline game. 40
Miser Miser 0 Reach Level 10 in any AirMech, and win without purchasing any Abilities. 25
My hands are clean... My hands are clean... 0 Win a match, online or offline, without destroying any units with your AirMech. 50
Gladiator Gladiator 0 Accumulate 100 direct AirMech Kills online against human opponents. 50
Damage Inc. Damage Inc. 0 Do 1,000,000 damage with your AirMech. 50
Moving on Up Moving on Up 0 Win an online match after reaching player level 10. 25
Going Pro Going Pro 0 Win an online match after reaching player level 20. 50
King of the Mountain King of the Mountain 0 Win an online match after reaching player level 30. 75
Sole Survivor Sole Survivor 0 Win a solo survival match on any Survival map. 25
Twin Survivors Twin Survivors 0 Win a 2-player online survival match on any Survival map. 25
The Four Horsemen The Four Horsemen 0 Win a 4-player online survival match on any Survival map. 50
Interceptor Interceptor 0 Accumulate 20 human piloted enemy AirMech kills, each made while the enemy is carrying a unit. 40
Let's Do This Let's Do This 0 Complete 10 matched games. 10
Match Made in Heaven Match Made in Heaven 0 Win 20 matched games. 25
Coming Back for More Coming Back for More 0 Complete 100 matched games. 25
Serious Competitor Serious Competitor 0 Win 200 matched games. 25
Challenger: 10 Stars Challenger: 10 Stars 0 Accumulate 10 Stars in the Challenges. 10
Challenger: 25 Stars Challenger: 25 Stars 0 Accumulate 25 Stars in the Challenges. 25
Challenger: 45 Stars Challenger: 45 Stars 0 Accumulate 45 Stars in the Challenges. 50
Valedictorian Valedictorian 0 Win in a 3v3 online game at least 3 levels above anyone else. 25
Kicking Tires Kicking Tires 0 Use each of the AirMech types at least once in game, online or offline. 40
Rock You Like a Hurricane! Rock You Like a Hurricane! 0 Win an online match where 100% of the enemy's base health is taken within 1 minute. 25
Boosted Boosted 0 Win a match, online or offline, using Boosters, all in Air mode. 25
Blood Thirsty Blood Thirsty 0 Destroy 3 human piloted AirMechs in the first 3 minutes of an online match. 75
Can't stop eating! Can't stop eating! 0 Share 496 cakes. (Matched games only.) 35