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Aritana and the Twin Masks Achievements

Full list of Aritana and the Twin Masks achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Aritana and the Twin Masks has 20 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Into the Light Into the Light 0 Overcome the Sun's Challenge. 20
Into the Darkness Into the Darkness 0 Overcome the Moon's Challenge. 20
The Path to the Equilibrium The Path to the Equilibrium 0 Find your way to the YpY Temple. 20
The Lost Staff The Lost Staff 0 Find Raoni's lost Staff. 20
Sun's Bow Sun's Bow 0 Find the Sun's Bow. 20
Tupã's Garden Tupã's Garden 0 Cleanse the Nest in Tupã's Garden. 130
Iara's Lake Iara's Lake 0 Cleanse the Nest in Iara's Lake. 130
Caaporã's Watch Caaporã's Watch 0 Cleanse the Nest in Caaporã's Watch. 130
Energy Pathway Energy Pathway 0 Perform 100 teleports using the Temple energy. 20
Bullseye Bullseye 0 Shoot ten flying projectiles. 20
Elf's Quiver Elf's Quiver 0 Shoot 1904 arrows. 20
Sweet Spot Sweet Spot 0 Kill ten enemy turtles shooting its core hidden ten times. 130
Wiseman apprentice Wiseman apprentice 0 Collect three recipes. 20
Seasoned Wiseman Seasoned Wiseman 0 Collect all recipes. 0
Little Explorer Little Explorer 0 Find five Muiraquitãs. 20
Seasoned Explorer Seasoned Explorer 0 Find all Muiraquitãs. 0
Warrior Apprentice Warrior Apprentice 0 Kill a special turtle. 130
Minefield Minefield 0 Destroy a crystal near an enemy five times. 20
Seasoned Warrior Seasoned Warrior 0 Kill all Special Turtles. 0

Secret Achievements

Uncover the Truth Uncover the Truth 0 Defeat the masked man on the top of the Temple. 130