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Asdivine Menace Achievements

Find all the Asdivine Menace achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 15 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

First Step First Step 0 Watched the opening. 10
Newcomer Newcomer 0 Cleared the Bronze Cup at the battle arena. 30
Victor Victor 0 Cleared the Silver Cup at the battle arena. 60
Champion Champion 0 Cleared the Gold Cup at the battle arena. 80
Master of Masters Master of Masters 0 Cleared the Maid Cup at the battle arena. 100
Master Servant Master Servant 0 Cleared all subquests. 100

Secret Achievements

Her World Her World 0 Obtained the ”Her World” ending. 50
A Shared Future A Shared Future 0 Obtained the ”A Shared Future” ending. 50
What Lies Beyond What Lies Beyond 0 Obtained the ”What Lies Beyond” ending. 50
Whereabouts of the Blue Sky Whereabouts of the Blue Sky 0 Obtained the ”Whereabouts of the Blue Sky” ending. 50
Nemesis' World Niente Nemesis' World Niente 0 Obtained the ”Nemesis' World Niente” ending. 80
Emotions that Transcend Worlds Emotions that Transcend Worlds 0 Obtained the ”Emotions that Transcend Worlds” ending. 80
A New Me A New Me 0 Obtained the ”A New Me” ending. 80
Never-Ending Days of Craziness Never-Ending Days of Craziness 0 Obtained the ”Never-Ending Days of Craziness” ending. 80
A World Embraced by Joy A World Embraced by Joy 0 Obtained the ”A World Embraced by Joy” ending. 100