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Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD Achievements

Find all the Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 36 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Super Monkey Baller Super Monkey Baller 0 Unlock all achievements 100
Beginner Monkey Baller Beginner Monkey Baller 0 Clear World 1 10
King of the Jungle King of the Jungle 0 Clear World 2 10
Smooth Sliding Smooth Sliding 0 Clear World 3 10
Archaeologist Archaeologist 0 Clear World 4 10
Pirate Captain Pirate Captain 0 Clear World 5 10
Super Spelunker Super Spelunker 0 Clear World 6 10
Heat of the Moment Heat of the Moment 0 Clear World 7 10
Super Monkey Brawl Super Monkey Brawl 0 Clear World 8 40
Talented Monkey Baller Talented Monkey Baller 0 Obtain 4 Champion Medals 10
Intermediate Monkey Baller Intermediate Monkey Baller 0 Obtain 8 Champion Medals 40
Beginner Speedrunner Beginner Speedrunner 0 Clear the Casual Course in Time Attack Mode 10
Intermediate Speedrunner Intermediate Speedrunner 0 Clear the Standard Course in Time Attack Mode 40
Master Speedrunner Master Speedrunner 0 Clear the Expert Course in Time Attack Mode 80
Life in the Fast Lane Life in the Fast Lane 0 Clear Time Attack Mode 36 times 40
Work Hard, Play Hard Work Hard, Play Hard 0 Clear the Decathlon 10
Decathlon Champion Decathlon Champion 0 Clear the Decathlon 36 times 40
Clearing the Hurdle Clearing the Hurdle 0 Clear the Hurdle Race in 00:20.00 or less (single-player only) 10
Snow Problem Snow Problem 0 Clear the Normal Course of Monkey Snowboard in 01:40.00 or less (single-player only) 10
Throwing the Distance Throwing the Distance 0 Throw over 110m in the Hammer Throw party game (single-player only) 10
Right on Target Right on Target 0 Obtain over 2500 points in the Monkey Target party game (single-player only) 10
Sharp Shooter Sharp Shooter 0 Obtain over 2500 points in the Slingshot party game (single-player only) 10
Laser Monkeys from Outer Space! Laser Monkeys from Outer Space! 0 Obtain over 5000 points in the Space Monkey Attack party game (single-player only) 10
Crafty Pilot Crafty Pilot 0 Clear the Normal Course of Hovercraft Race in 01:30.00 or less (single-player only) 10
Balancing Act Balancing Act 0 Obtain over 8000 points in Seesaw Ball's Normal Course (single-player only) 10
Path of Most Resistance Path of Most Resistance 0 Clear the Normal Course of Dangerous Route with 02:00.00 or more remaining (single-player only) 10
Holy Mole-y Holy Mole-y 0 Obtain over 3000 points in the Whack-a-Mole party game (single-player only) 10
Prime Primate Prime Primate 0 Clear 100 stages in the Main Game using the same character 40
Going Bananas Going Bananas 0 Collect a combined total of 3600 bananas through the Main Game and Time Attack Mode 10
Forbidden Fruit Forbidden Fruit 0 Obtain secret bananas from any stage 10

Secret Achievements

Escape from the Sinking Swamp Escape from the Sinking Swamp 0 Clear World 9 40
Ultra Heaven Ultra Heaven 0 Clear World 10 60
Master Monkey Baller Master Monkey Baller 0 Obtain 9 Champion Medals 40
The People's Chimpion The People's Chimpion 0 Obtain 10 Champion Medals 80
Way Past Cool Way Past Cool 0 Clear a stage as Sonic the Hedgehog 80
Monkey Business Monkey Business 0 Change the costumes of all characters except Sonic and clear a stage with each of them 60