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Newt One Achievements

Find all the Newt One achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 25 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Bird Watcher Bird Watcher 0 Rescue your 1st Parrot 10
Aviary Savior Aviary Savior 0 Unlock the Parrot Realm 50
Looking Good Looking Good 0 Unlock your 1st Outfit 10
Full Closet Full Closet 0 Unlock all Outfits 40
Full House Full House 0 Free all Elders 40
Leaves Changing Leaves Changing 0 Awaken the Forest Realm 40
Perches Perches 0 Rescue all 6 Forest Parrots 40
Branching Out Branching Out 0 Recover the Forest Wand 40
Ready for Camping Ready for Camping 0 Unlock all 6 Forest Outfits 40
Aced the Test Aced the Test 0 Rite of Passage 60
Head in the Clouds Head in the Clouds 0 Awaken the Clouds Realm 40
High in the Clouds High in the Clouds 0 Rescue all 6 Clouds Parrots 40
Magic on Cloud 9 Magic on Cloud 9 0 Recover the Clouds Wand 50
Ready to Party Ready to Party 0 Unlock all 6 Clouds Outfits 40
Floating in Style Floating in Style 0 Free the Clouds Elder 40
Sea Breeze Sea Breeze 0 Awaken the Islands Realm 40
Tropical Birds Tropical Birds 0 Rescue all 6 Islands Parrots 40
Hot Rod Hot Rod 0 Recover the Islands Wand 50
Ready for the Beach Ready for the Beach 0 Unlock all 6 Islands Outfits 40
Living Lava Living Lava 0 Free the Islands Elder 40
Tundra Time Tundra Time 0 Awaken the Glacier Realm 40
Above the Ice Above the Ice 0 Rescue all 6 Glacier Parrots 40
Ice Cold Ice Cold 0 Recover the Glacier Wand 50
Ready for Winter Ready for Winter 0 Unlock all 6 Glacier Outfits 40
Polar Vortex Polar Vortex 0 Free the Glacier Elder 40