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Bite The Bullet Achievements

Full list of Bite The Bullet achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Bite The Bullet has 51 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Gorivore Gorivore 0 Unlock the Gorivore Class 30
Slaughterer of the Soil Slaughterer of the Soil 0 Unlock the Slaughterer of the Soil Class 30
I See, I Eat I See, I Eat 0 Unlock the I See, I Eat Class 30
Smorgasborg Smorgasborg 0 Unlock the Smorgasborg Class 30
Wow! Wow! 0 Unlock your first "wow" node 25
Metabolize this Metabolize this 0 Consume 10,000 calories 25
Hope they're not empty... Hope they're not empty... 0 Consume 100,000 calories 50
That's a lot of shakes That's a lot of shakes 0 Consume 10,000 protein 25
Hercules Hercules 0 Consume 100,000 protein 50
Yeah, but was it saturated? Yeah, but was it saturated? 0 Consume 10,000 fat 25
Big-boned Big-boned 0 Consume 100,000 fat 50
High Voltage High Voltage 0 Eat 20 lightning geckos 10
Well, I feel better Well, I feel better 0 Vomit 10 times 10
Trust your Gut Gun Trust your Gut Gun 0 Craft you first gun 10
Spread 'em Spread 'em 0 Get your first shotgun 5
Boing! Boing! 0 Get your first critter cannon 5
Always Cool Always Cool 0 Get your first flamethrower 5
Meat-Seeking Meat-Seeking 0 Get your first missile launcher 5
It uses magnets, or something? It uses magnets, or something? 0 Get your first rail gun 5
Just because you can't see it Just because you can't see it 0 Eat 30 camo ghouls 10
Out-konned Out-konned 0 Complete the minotaur quest 20
Derpface Avian Derpface Avian 0 Beat the Gigavulture 20
You merely adopted the hunger... You merely adopted the hunger... 0 Beat the Flesh Golem 20
Tremorous! Tremorous! 0 Beat the Snatchoid 20
Dat chin tho Dat chin tho 0 Beat the BC3K 20
Masterminded Masterminded 0 Beat the Mastermind 20
Shot the snot Shot the snot 0 Beat the SAMNG 20
Beholder 2.0 Beholder 2.0 0 Beat the Eyeful 20
Xenorrific! Xenorrific! 0 Beat the Trinomorph 50
Are you happy now, Nick? Are you happy now, Nick? 0 Use a trampoline critter, then double jump, then air dash 10
Locked and Loaded Locked and Loaded 0 Fully upgrade every gun 20
Power Salad Power Salad 0 Eat every type of plant 20
Apex Predator Apex Predator 0 Eat every type of enemy 20
AIT it all AIT it all 0 Eat every type of robot 20
Fashion Plate Fashion Plate 0 Wear 4 different bandanas 10
Impenetrable Impenetrable 0 Block 500 rounds with the shield 50
Order of Cleanliness Order of Cleanliness 0 Talk to 3 different janitors 10
Dapper Chapper Dapper Chapper 0 Complete the Bucephalus quest 20
Big Bite Big Bite 0 Kill 4 enemies with one round 20
Defrost Defrost 0 Use a fire effect on a frozen enemy 20
The Mushroom Artist The Mushroom Artist 0 Defeat 10 enemies with fungus bombs 10
Get the Sawdust Get the Sawdust 0 Kill 10 enemies with vomit effects 10
Rat-a-tat-tat Rat-a-tat-tat 0 Shot 10,000 Rounds 30
Epic Level Epic Level 0 Reach Level 20 20
Class Warrior Class Warrior 0 Get 20 nodes in the same branch of the skill tree 10
Getting ready to get ready Getting ready to get ready 0 Complete all the tutorials 5
That's a Shrap That's a Shrap 0 Kill ten enemies with body shrapnel 10
Tastes Ballistic Tastes Ballistic 0 Eat 10 projectiles with the Appetite for Destruction ability 10
We said "one with the tree" not "be a tree" We said "one with the tree" not "be a tree" 0 Stay invisible for 20 seconds 10
Thorns Thorns 0 Deal 100 damage with the thorns ability 10
Time Warp Time Warp 0 Slow down 100 projectiles with the Expanded Consciousness ability 10