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Kine Achievements

Full list of Kine achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Kine has 13 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

This is Perfect! This is Perfect! 0 Find Roo a new instrument. 50
Who's That? Who's That? 0 Discover Euler. 50
Okay, Maybe One Obstacle Okay, Maybe One Obstacle 0 You should have seen it coming. 100
No Machine Left Behind No Machine Left Behind 0 They actually work well together. 100
Sometimes the Job Finds You Sometimes the Job Finds You 0 Get a job. 50
Fate Fate 0 Take matters into your own…hands? 50
Don't Worry, They're Waterproof Don't Worry, They're Waterproof 0 Take the boat out for the day. 50
Turnt Up Turnt Up 0 Get things started on the dance floor. 50
What's the Point What's the Point 0 Ruin something beautiful. 50
We Have a Band! We Have a Band! 0 Bring Quat, Roo, and Euler to the Main Stage. 50
The Big Time The Big Time 0 Sign with a record label. 50
Thanks for Playing! Thanks for Playing! 0 Complete the game. 150
Virtuoso Virtuoso 0 Complete all levels. 200