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Moving Out Achievements

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There are 26 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

111% Effort 111% Effort 0 Achieve 111% in the game 111
Certified F.A.R.T Certified F.A.R.T 0 Complete all Story levels. 75
Winners Don't Move Rugs Winners Don't Move Rugs 0 Complete all Arcade levels 50
Objectives Complete! Objectives Complete! 0 Complete all level objectives in every level 60
Masters in Moving Masters in Moving 0 Complete all levels with Gold medals 70
PHD In Moving PHD In Moving 0 Complete 20 story levels with Gold medals 40
Moving On Up Moving On Up 0 Complete 10 story levels with Gold medals 40
Choo Choo Choo Choo 0 Complete "The Chase" 40
Who's the Boss? Who's the Boss? 0 Defeat the Rat King 40
Where we're going we don't need thrones Where we're going we don't need thrones 0 Sit on every toilet in the game 40
Remember The Time... Remember The Time... 0 Complete all memory levels 40
Massive Window Attack Massive Window Attack 0 Smash 100 windows 40
Golden Mover Golden Mover 0 Get a Gold Medal in one level 25
An Eye for the Details An Eye for the Details 0 Complete all bonus objectives in one level 25
Rain, hail or shine. Rain, hail or shine. 0 Slap every mailbox in the story levels 25
Go Long! Go Long! 0 Throw 500 items 25
Nick of Time Nick of Time 0 Beat a level in story mode with under 5 seconds left on the clock 25
Minute Mover Minute Mover 0 Beat a level in under a minute 5
Quantity over quality Quantity over quality 0 Deliver 1337 items 20
The Friendly Ghosts The Friendly Ghosts 0 Complete all haunted levels without slapping any ghosts 69
The Bird The Bird 0 Shoot a basketball hoop 20
That's Not Landfill! That's Not Landfill! 0 Deliver the hidden console from each story level 64
Animal Lover Animal Lover 0 Deliver every pet 25
Look left, then right... Look left, then right... 0 Get run over by 125 cars 5
Totally Certified Totally Certified 0 Complete Mandatory Training 1
You Don't Got Mail! You Don't Got Mail! 0 Smash the hidden letterbox with the truck 20