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Touhou Luna Nights Achievements

Full list of Touhou Luna Nights achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Touhou Luna Nights has 21 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Welcome to Luna Nights Welcome to Luna Nights 0 Started the game. 30
I'll Never Finish Cleaning at this Rate! I'll Never Finish Cleaning at this Rate! 0 Defeated 100 minor enemies. 30
Perfect and Elegant Maid Perfect and Elegant Maid 0 Beat the game. 50
Scarlet Devil Mansion Master Scarlet Devil Mansion Master 0 Uncovered 100% of the map. 50
Weapon Collector Weapon Collector 0 Collected all of the weapons. 50
No Continues for You! No Continues for You! 0 Cleared the game without using any retlies. 100
Boss Rush Rank S Boss Rush Rank S 0 Earned an S rank in Boss Rush. 100
Boss Rush Rank A Boss Rush Rank A 0 Earned an A rank in Boss Rush. 60
Boss Rush Rank B Boss Rush Rank B 0 Earned an B rank in Boss Rush. 40
Item Collector Item Collector 0 Collected all of the items. 50

Secret Achievements

Colorful Rainbow Gatekeeper Colorful Rainbow Gatekeeper 0 Defeated Meiling. 30
Ordinary Witch Ordinary Witch 0 Defeated Marisa. 30
An Immovable Great Library An Immovable Great Library 0 Defeated Patchouli. 30
The Eternally Young Scarlet Moon The Eternally Young Scarlet Moon 0 Defeated Remilia. 30
Aquatic Engineer Aquatic Engineer 0 Defeated Nitori. 30
Diabolic Wave Diabolic Wave 0 Defeated Flan. 30
Eternal Shrine Maiden Eternal Shrine Maiden 0 Defeated Reimu. 60
Extra, Extra! Extra, Extra! 0 Cleared the extra stage. 60
Jewel Collector Jewel Collector 0 Destroyed all of the gems in the hidden rooms. 50
Leave It As You Found It Leave It As You Found It 0 All vending machine cans thrown in the trash. 50
Bash 'n Go! Bash 'n Go! 0 Defeated any boss in 10 seconds 40