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Bee Simulator Achievements

Find all the Bee Simulator achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 51 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

To Bee Or Not To Bee To Bee Or Not To Bee 0 Finish the tutorial 10
The Exodus The Exodus 0 Complete the main story 60
It's A Zoo Out There It's A Zoo Out There 0 Report to the Queen about animals. 20
Great Hunger Great Hunger 0 Feed the little bees 20
Chicco In Trouble Chicco In Trouble 0 Find a guardian for the little squirrel 10
Spider's Lair Spider's Lair 0 Uncover Anna's web of conspiracy 10
Dodge The Tongue Dodge The Tongue 0 Collect pollen from the giant water lily 10
The Great Crossing The Great Crossing 0 Help the ants across the water 10
Lord Of The Flies Lord Of The Flies 0 Defeat the fly gang leader 10
O-Bee-Wan O-Bee-Wan 0 Find the wise-bee's flower 10
Hackerman Hackerman 0 Take control of the drone 10
It Came From Beneath It Came From Beneath 0 Drive the mole away 10
Interspecies Relations Interspecies Relations 0 Dance with a bee from another species 10
Flower Power Flower Power 0 Collect pollen from 1000 flowers 20
Fast Bee Fast Bee 0 Complete all the chase challenges 40
Dance Revolution Dance Revolution 0 Complete all the dance challenges 40
Furious Bee Furious Bee 0 Complete all the fight challenges 40
Active Bee Active Bee 0 Interact 50 times with the environment 10
Unbearable Unbearable 0 Sting the bear 5
Your Honor Your Honor 0 Find the lawsuit notice 5
Easter Egg Easter Egg 0 Find the Easter egg 5
Hyperdrive Hyperdrive 0 Activate Beetro Mode 5
Changing Point Of View Changing Point Of View 0 Use bee vision 5
The New Me The New Me 0 Unlock new bee skin 5
Close Examination Close Examination 0 Unlock a 3D animal 5
Escape Artist Escape Artist 0 Complete all the spider web challenges 10
Bully-free Zone Bully-free Zone 0 Complete the Bully challenge 3 times 10
Early Access Early Access 0 Unlock the Trophy Room 5
To Infinity And Beyond To Infinity And Beyond 0 Fly a total of 10 kilometres 10
A Real Achiever A Real Achiever 0 Collect ALL the other achievements! 100
I Won't Do This? I Won't Do This? 0 Complete all challenges 50
The Sweet Stuff The Sweet Stuff 0 Feast on human food 30 times 10
Little Bees Little Bees 0 Find all the little bees in the park 40
Bee-Zilla Bee-Zilla 0 Destroy 20 balloons 10

Secret Achievements

Bee To The Rescue Bee To The Rescue 0 Bring the bee home 20
Hello Friend Hello Friend 0 Unlock an animal statue 20
Expert Collector Expert Collector 0 Gather pollen for the winter 30
Rebeelious Rebeelious 0 Get in trouble 30
Bee Hero Bee Hero 0 Be a Bee Hero 30
Flight Of The Intruder Flight Of The Intruder 0 Discover what a drone does 40
Roof Over Your Head Roof Over Your Head 0 Find the new hive 50
Foster Family Foster Family 0 Help the mother squirrel 10
Ready To Retire Ready To Retire 0 Collect pollen from 3000 flowers 40
Deluminator Deluminator 0 Switch the light in the street lamp 5
Bee-J Bee-J 0 Change music in a boombox 5
Bee Of The Ring Bee Of The Ring 0 Find a hidden message 5
Enigma Enigma 0 Enter found password on the computer 5
Gotta Catch 'Em All Gotta Catch 'Em All 0 Unlock all animal statues 10
Basketcase Basketcase 0 Get all the pollen from the flower lady 15 times 10
Access Granted Access Granted 0 Unlock the Cave 40
You Shall Not Pass! You Shall Not Pass! 0 Defeat Harry the Hornet in single combat 20