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Pirates of First Star Achievements

Find all the Pirates of First Star achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 32 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Getting Started Getting Started 0 Your adventure has begun! 10
Battling the Locals Battling the Locals 0 Defeated Kinsee 5
Into Dust Into Dust 0 The blacksmith created diamond dust for you 15
Allergies Allergies 0 You helped Persee with his sniffles 10
Is This Mine? Is This Mine? 0 You picked a lock on a treasure chest 20
Master Sitter Master Sitter 0 Achieved the highest possible score in babysitting 25
Level 5 Level 5 0 Reached level 5 10
Level 10 Level 10 0 Reached level 10 25
Level 20 Level 20 0 Reached level 20 50
The Bridge Bully The Bridge Bully 0 Defeated Todd 20
The Abomination The Abomination 0 Survived the battle with a horrifying creature 30
Arrrrrcade Master Arrrrrcade Master 0 Achieved 25,000 points in any mode in the Arrrrrcade 0
Secret Ingredient Secret Ingredient 0 You solved the chili mystery 30
Consult the crystal Consult the crystal 0 The crystal has revealed a secret 30
Drunken Clues Drunken Clues 0 You got a clue from a total lush 25
Prison Riot Prison Riot 0 You defeated the prison baddie 50
Dealing Dealing 0 You sold your first crate 25
Sparkle Fruit Sparkle Fruit 0 You collected your first diamond fruit 20
Epic Seeding Epic Seeding 0 You planted your first epic seed 20
A Good Son A Good Son 0 You made mom smile again 25
Come on, one drink? Come on, one drink? 0 You finally defeated the bartender, but you still didn't get a drink 25
The Ballad of Gill Part I The Ballad of Gill Part I 0 You completed Gill's prologue 15
The Ballad of Gill Part II The Ballad of Gill Part II 0 You witnessed Gill's fall from grace 25
The Ballad of Gill Part III The Ballad of Gill Part III 0 You completed Gill's story 50
On Fyr On Fyr 0 You defeated Fyr 25
Make a decision Make a decision 0 Defeated Indecisive Mark 25
Outright Gaming Outright Gaming 0 Achieved a +100 gold profit in a session of Outright 30
Stacked to the sky Stacked to the sky 0 You accumulated an insane number of crates 30

Secret Achievements

Starting Over Starting Over 0 You lost everything 30
Chelsee Chelsee 0 You met Chelsee in the bedroom 50
First Star First Star 0 You reclaimed the First Star treasure 100
Resolution Resolution 0 You defeated the prince 150