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Beyond a Steel Sky Achievements

Full list of Beyond a Steel Sky achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Beyond a Steel Sky has 32 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Completionist Completionist 0 Complete the game 100
Your Lessons Are Over Your Lessons Are Over 0 Complete all tutorials 10
Brain The Size Of A Planet Brain The Size Of A Planet 0 Complete the game without using any hints 50
The Zen Of Screaming The Zen Of Screaming 0 Set the Kids' Exhibit to speak 'Aggressively' 30
Hunger Games Hunger Games 0 Feed Voxel a stolen sandwich 30
Wash Pin Bowling Wash Pin Bowling 0 Knock Chipworth over 30
Water The Plants Water The Plants 0 Turn the sprinklers on 30
History Lesson History Lesson 0 Learn the full story of Joey the Saviour 30
A Fishy Tail A Fishy Tail 0 Porpoisefully fail Jimmy's scary moment 30
Poetry Slam Poetry Slam 0 Watch a full poetry recital 30
Cleanliness Is Next To Joeyness Cleanliness Is Next To Joeyness 0 Clean everything up, ready for the party 30
Classic Threads Classic Threads 0 Unlock Foster's classic coat 50
Rational Or Just Crazy? Rational Or Just Crazy? 0 Examine all of Graham's conspiracy posters 50
Two Faced Two Faced 0 Witness both Songbird's endings 50
Ultimate Collector Ultimate Collector 0 Transfer all the holo-trinkets to your brooch 50
Movie Buff Movie Buff 0 Discover all five movie posters 50

Secret Achievements

Infiltrator Infiltrator 0 Enter the main gates 20
Interview Jeopardy Interview Jeopardy 0 Complete the Alonso interview 20
Reunited With An Old Friend Reunited With An Old Friend 0 Liberate Joey from the Museum of New History 20
Lax Safety Lax Safety 0 Obtain a waiver from Orana 20
Knockout Knockout 0 Neutralise Jimmy 20
The Man Behind The Iron Furnace The Man Behind The Iron Furnace 0 Enter the secret room behind the fire 20
8bit Days 8bit Days 0 Complete LINCspace 20
Crystal Clear Crystal Clear 0 Read the secret message 20
Party Party Party Party 0 Earn a party invite 20
Hidden Trouble Hidden Trouble 0 Got caught spying 20
Joey Time Joey Time 0 Free Foster 20
Freedom! Freedom! 0 Orana can free the children 20
Equality For All Equality For All 0 Set everyone's Qdos level to infinity 20
Time To Get Outta Here Time To Get Outta Here 0 Open the main gates to allow Wendell to leave with the kids 20
A Meeting Of Minds A Meeting Of Minds 0 Confront the Council in the Citadel 20
Snuffing Out The Light Snuffing Out The Light 0 Destroy everything that Joey created 50